What is up with this level?

Okay how is it possible that with dragons much weaker than mine only two of them using their spirit ability one time each they can ko one of dragons and take away half of my other monsters help. I get that their 4 star and 5 star dragons but this is ridiculous considering my teams stronger by 1000.power

I‘m not a pro but I manage to pass every level where the enemies dragons are as strong as mine (by BP) or weaker.
May I ask you three questions?

  1. What enemies you are fighting and what dragons you‘re using for your team?
  2. (If your team contains dragons with single target spirit ability.) Are you using the „target function“? (It‘s what I call it, I don‘t know if there is an official name - if you tap on enemies dragons you can aim a specific dragon for attacks by spirit abilities.)
  3. What strategy do you use matching tiles?
    Maybe there is a way to improve your battle style, I had to learn some things the hard way by loosing lots of energy and simply testing different teams.

I was thinking the same thing but wasn’t sure if it was me. It seems alittle crazy thats I’m getting all my dragons wiped out in only a few turns when the power is lower than my team by 600 points. I have had longer battles with teams with more power on the other team. This stormcutter quest its not done fair in the later levels.

There has to be some „gap“ in the later levels, because I could beat the last stage without any problems with a team 1000 BP below the enemies. I had the feeling the levels before were more difficult than the last one, but I thought that was because the last stage dragon‘s didn‘t have any very good Spirit abilities - I might have been wrong with that.