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What is VIP?

So…can we get an actual official statement on what exactly VIP is and how it’s supposed to work? Right now there’s just a lot of confusion and no actual explanation. You would think with such a ‘big’ feature that we’d get an official announcement or something other than a couple lines in release notes. When you’re asking people for more money it’s typically a good idea to lay out all the details somewhere.

I don’t say this kind of stuff often but please start taking a few notes from Choices and Chapters. When you spend for their VIP programs, you know exactly what you’re getting and exactly what the benefits are. Right now I see no benefit to Lovelink’s VIP program for anyone other than new players that don’t have every single character grayed out already.

I subscribed and so far you get 30 gems every six hours instead of 15 and you get 1000 gems as a one time subscription bonus. And from what I can tell some new matches will become available as VIP only for four days and then they will be available to everyone else. So it’s early access to new matches and extra gems as far as I can tell so far.

For a premium subscription service I would expect gem free premium options as a ViP. Or, like, a couple hundred gems per day. Otherwise I don’t see any real benefit from what they’re asking, other than early access to new characters.

You get 30 gems every 6 hours instead of 15 and they give you a bonus one-time 1000 gems when you subscribe too. If you log in at least 3 times a day that’s 90 gems + 9 gems for watching videos daily. Sometimes I can even manage to log in 4 times a day, I don’t sleep much lol

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You’re repeating what we already know. I’m talking about the stuff that we don’t know and that no one has been given an explanation for.

Is every new character going to be VIP? Why are some people seeing their old matches with the VIP lock? Is every update now going to be time locked if you’re not paying them? Are they going to start releasing more content so we’re not down to literally one char per week?

This whole release was just botched and it’s not a good look that they released something that is affecting everyone’s game play without a real and true announcement nor explanation on what the purpose is.

Also…an extra 90 gems isn’t worth $10 when most of us have a gem stockpile anyway due to the lack of engaging content that’s been released the past however many months.

Clearly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I need my beauty sleep! No one wants to deal with a cranky Karina on less than 7-hours sleep, trust me :grin:.

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