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What is/was your most difficult dino to unlock/levelup?

Tell me your experience…

I spent about 6 months to finally unlock indominus rex. Then i started a run to indoraptor, it was a pain, because after level indominus and velociraptor to 20, it was a nightmare collect 500 velo each indominus fuse, so 2000 more each indoraptor fuse. I finished unlocking process thanks to sunday event (spent 1 try with indoraptor and collected last dna needed).

Thor was way easier. And erlidominus would be another pain, but i got it thanks to daily reward (even with the most fuses giving me 10).

But undoubtely Tryko seems for me the worst. I got mine from that sunday event, but i’m forever away from t-rex and ankylo level 20, and then start the 10-fuse process. Kentrosaur i don’t remember when found one, but it would need a lot.

That’s because i spent more boost resources to tryko, i don’t know if i can level it up in a century, stuck at 21. :scream:



Indominus was mine too. Raptor was easy to come by but finding T Rex was next to impossible.

Dilocheirus. The others I didn’t have we got to dart on that evil day.

Yes, geminititan is the only one I have left, and will likely not make in the foreseeable future.



Geminititan is all i have left too. 190/250 just need a small amount more diplo

The problem with gemni is diplodocus, right?
Where is diplodocus? I can’t see it in any arena incubator nor in the wild. :thinking:

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I’m way behind that… only one fuse so far, but it was a 30. Even with an event I won’t likely get enough.

I got 397 diplo today out of the epic strike tower it’s about the only time you will get it, the odd occasion through battle incs, however in the bird cage you have no chance, top fight arena worst DNA out of all of them


It was a tournament reward once, and there has been a couple events. That’s where I got all of mine.


Yea I got mine form being top 50 for the tournament and the reward for alliance rush when we finished 4th. Didn’t dart it when it was featured with ourano. But darted it the most recent event

but are u planning to use gemmi, or just to collect? that’s because its an apex low.

Definitely erlik.

Collect only for me. I’ve always wanted to finish the deck.

I wouldn’t mind using it. I’ve been the biggest proponent of wanting a unique sauropod forever. Only problem is, it will never be up to team level or anywhere even close for that matter due to lack of diplo

I’ve got to leave gemini and magna aside, as they’ve got exclusive ingredients.

Out of the regular/grindable stuff I’ve got to say:
Erlidom and Dilora

ALL OF THEM. Nothing spawns around me except the normal garbage that no one wants.


Tryko for sure, but the Kentro today is helping ALOT. All I need now is more Trex :expressionless:

+1, my dimetrodon always stays at lvl 19…

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the irri is my trouble :wink: