What is/was your most difficult dino to unlock/levelup?

Ouranosaurus seems to not exist in my world. After almost a year of playing I finally unlocked the unique Diloracheirus and since the unlock I’ve yet to see anymore ouranosaurus.

what’s the magna exclusive? :scream:

I found a Secondonto finally and got my Skoolasaurus. I doubt I will find another one ever again

Leveling a Brachi to be competitive has been nightmarish, level 27…meanwhile I have an almost 30 erlidom and a 30 thor with so much less effort. Good thing they nerfed it and buffed the thor :rofl:. There are worse ones ofc, excluding arena/tourney stuff getting the day only or park only epics to 30 is the worst grind in the game, at least brachi appears at night. Imagine trying to get a level 30 ptera or pyroraptor… makes me wonder why they’re so damn useless.

Current? Gem.
1.6? Grypo was tough.

My dime is lvl 18…

Still have 9 uniques to unlock…

Stygidarix , utarinex and grypo are close but the other still at 0/250 , magna is in it …

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how do you top ranked players do with this higher level hybrids?

spend 24h/day riding around the city? buy 1 green/golden incubator every day?

too much dna to collect. :scream_cat:

the problem i see with tryko:
seems to be the only creature in jwa, that needs 3 epics (in case, all elements) to fuse. so, none can be aquired from alliance donations.

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I agree tryco is killing me. Even with all the stuff I’ve saved up since starting I ran out of T-Rex super fast

Never buy incubators, but will buy rare and on occasion epic scents.
I live close to 4 failed subdivisions from the 2008 recession that cover all the locals so I just get what I need traffic free. I avoid citys at all costs.
Long back roads with a steady stream of supply drops and wide shoulders are the best. On average 7 hours a day, never more than 10 unless we are doing a community dino ride. (Usually only high value epic, Legendary, or unique event dinos)
Try and play when people are at work, avoid playing during commute times and lunch

Tryko is impossible for me cause I can never find Kentro.

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Magna, Gemini (70/250 - hoping for Diplo in one of the film themed event weeks) and Tryko

but your are talking about what global time?
maybe if i’d know where live the most part of jwa players hehe…

For me worst was Utarinex. Got way too much 10s on fusions. As l3 player, needed to rely on generous Dracorex donations too. Closer I got to unlocking more 10s I got. At least now I’m using it and got more luck on fusions lvling it.

Still got 4 uniques to unlock. Grypolyth is close, while still gathering DNA for lvling components of Pterovexus, Geminititan and Erlikospyx.

irritator 1010

I only have 3 uniques so I can’t really compete on the level that some of you are on. My highest level dino is a 25 suchotator! Haha! I’m currently focused on Tryko but without kentro it has been a grinde.

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Magna! Still working on it.



I need the luck of the fusing Godzilla release tomorrow!

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Update! Godzilla blessed me


I still cannot find ouranosaurus! I’ve been seeing more gryposuchus lately. Don’t get me wrong I need that dna a lot but my gosh where does ouranosaurus hide?

I need 3 more creatures and I’ll have all in the game:

  1. Monomimus unique (don’t know the name)
  2. Grypolyth (gryposuchus unique)
  3. Geminititan (diplodocus unique)

You’re in luck with Ourano since its about to be the daily.

Monomimus is killing me too, because I needs its dna for Monosteg. Mono is a great candidate for the dailys. Grypo, Mono, Pyro, and Kentro.