What is/was your most difficult dino to unlock/levelup?

Why do you say ouranosaurus is about to be the daily? Didn’t it just change to the saber tooth?

I have all my legendaries at level 20 or higher except monostegotops lol it’s the only one under 20 and still at 16 unlocked level. I use my stego on stegodeus which is 29. My mono is used on monomimus to get to 22 then it got nerfed and a unique :-/ so I’m saving all mono dna for monomimus to get the unique. Then I’ll take monostegotops to 20.

Kentrosaurus is rare too it would be a nice daily.

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They announced Ourano

My Monosteg is lvl 20 but I want to get it higher its one of my favorite dinos and its useful.

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Dilora by far its not even a dna thing… but for me its by far my worse unique ive fused for so many 10s… ive got multiple 50s on thor… a 90 on indo, even my first tryko fuse as a 30 was higher then any of my dilora uses which is now 22… and i got like 3 20s and the rest were 10s. Add to that most of my dilourano fuses have also been 10. At this point i expect to get a 10 dilora fuse every 3 days for the next month.

Fuse other dinos first, as soon as one gets a 40. Then try :slight_smile:

Dioraja and grypolyth for me

Ill tell you another bad one. A few weeks ago when we got all that irritator dna. I shot all attempts on it. I had a nice bit stacked up and had some pyroraptor too. Almost every fuse was a 10 on pyrritor and again on magna. I was not able to level magna up once. I was only able to go up halfway to 26 from 25. Lots in my alliance we’re getting 10 fuses as well. I understand it’s rng but my gosh 10 fuses must have a 98% chance!

Oh sweet. Thanks for the link I hadn’t seen this. It’s very exciting.

So far, it has been Stegodeus, with 10 almost every freaking fuse … and then I ended up liking Noodle Titan more than it, as Stegodeus seems to be walked over almost every time. Even my Noodle Titan beats Stegodeus opponents of around same level, and it’s not even boosted and is not leveled.Tyrannolophosaur is the next one that’s slow to get, I hope it’s worth it. I can’t start Indominus yet, because my Rex is lvl 14 at the moment. Got heaps of velociraptor DNA since it’s from my zone though.

Oh man. You shouldn’t give up on stegodeus. It’s one of my favorites! Mine is like 500 dna into level 29 so I’ve almost maxed it. Had stego not been mia locked in parks forever i probably would have it maxed by now. Luckily Saturday is stego day. But at the same time I have iPhone 6 and it keeps crashing on me.

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Yeah but I want to get Tyrannolophosaur (future Tenotorex) and Indominus Rex, which means 2 dinos from my team have to go. I’m keeping the Kaprosuchus as it’s my favorite, so that leaves Suchotator, Ankylocodon, T.RexG2 (will be replaced with Tyrannolophosaur for sure), Nodopatotitan, Utasinoraptor, Purutaurus, and Stegodeus. One will be dropped to make room for Indominus Rex, but not sure if I should drop Ankylocodon. I’d want to replace Ankylocodon with Ardontosaurus in the future.

I love utasinoraptor. Mine is 26 I’m going for level 30. Tenontorex Rex is good too. I fight high level suchotator so I’d keep it too. IRex is good. I have the others but haven’t used them. The carno hybrid seems to be a good one though.

Yeah, I like Utasino too, she sometimes beats Alosino or Dracocera. Sucho’s my only bleeder so she’s likely staying, I hope for a hybrid with Concavenator. Ankylo would probably be a good candidate to swap with IRex, but at some point when I’ll get Ardontosaurus, I’ll have to decide between Stegodeus and Purutaurus, depending on how well they serve at higher arenas. Currently in Lockdown at 2825 trophies.

It’s called pterovexus

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Yeah that thing. I didn’t know how to spell it but I knew everyone would know what I was referring to with “monomimus unique” thanks for the name.

I guess I could’ve used “Vex” argh argh argh (seal bark lol)

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