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What is with the DNA cost of new herb?

Is it a joke? Did someone make a typo? Is this an experiment to see if people will buy the new shiny creature for 41% more than the next highest tournament?

I’m struggling to understand this massive cost increase when based on ferocity the cost should be around the 6,600-7,200 DNA mark.

I don’t understand since there have been lots of new tournaments priced reasonably but this just seems way out of line.
Where it stands in relation to other Jurassics:

Where it should be:


Exactly, I think he’s way too overpriced for the worth. Even if like folks believe he gets a good strong hybrid he shouldn’t cost so much, I mean, look at the components’ cost of Yudon, Armormata and Pachygalosaurus.

Thankfully for me I only needed Edmontosaurus for the looks and my favourite happened to be level 20 so I could manage to spend an extra 4K DNA than necessary but still I think it’s way too pricey.

I mean I get if it had suprannotitan ferocity but it has slightly better lythronax ferocity!!!

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This was exactly why I didnt bother going for a dom finish this weekend. Pretty chilled out and got Pred for the LP :slight_smile:
Got Lucky and got dimetrodons, which I need cos they are locked for me.