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What is with the GARBAGE epic incubators

Just did today’s epic strike and got
Irrigator 2
Another rare bird

This game is really starting to get to me with how cheap it is

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Strategy for the tower?

All the incubators have been horribly horrendous since scents dropped imo

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I just used spino and erlidom

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I guess I was lucky! Got Erliko and T-Rex. Commons and rares were good as well :slight_smile:

Ouch, I dont have a erlidom…do have the spino though

its really amazing how they advertise their epic incubators as total garbage 2-3 times a week and actually expect people to go into the store and buy them :joy:


how could you not go spend $40 on one after that? :man_shrugging:


You did not! @CleverBoy

Sit tight @Stormi_Wolffe… I’m about to upload a walk through for mid-level teams. It may help : )

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Waiting for that

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Thanks Hersh, that would be great… :slight_smile:

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cant wait for tournament prizes to get spino2 and koolasuchus. or perhaps brachiosaurus?
to really entice players to go all out for the next one :joy:


Spino g2 is the only one I get when I use my epic scent. Think I’m sitting on 11k


I don’t even remember what I got, and I did it half an hour ago… must not have been that impressive. lol


No point complaining about getting free stuff. 3 of these a week is 45,000 free coins and 1200 epic dna. With the price of everything in the shop I’ll take it. If you don’t like what you get don’t buy from the shop.

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Except where not getting three of these a week atm its back to two. Three was for the holidays.

Ive noticed the difficulty of the strikes seems to affect the incubator… the harder strikes I normally.get atleast one good epic… the easier strikes are almost always junk incubators.


Agree most are garbage, but had to say I was floored when i got like 250 Erlik and 150 Mono outta this one! :+1::+1::+1:

Received useless seco and stgy DNA, except 13 legendary dilo DNA