What Is With The Secodontosaurus Tournament!?


Please Help, Ludia. I am only in the predator leage right now because the matcups I have been getting are ridiculous! In the zalmoxes tournament only a week ago, I managed to stay in the dominator league most of the time. However, in this league, I can’t even get into it because my matchups are absolutely horrendous. Bear in mind this is after I unlocked ankylodocus and leveled it up to level 20. That means an entire extra round before my best dinos are used up. I just can’t believe the matchups, for example, just a bit ago I entered a lvl. 10 Tanycolgreus, a lvl. 20 ankylodocus, and a lvl. 20 suchoripterus and got matched against a lvl. 31 ankylodocus, a lvl. 22 metoposaurus, and a lvl. 23 erliphosaurus. It was a complete waste of my dino bucks and now I have to wait out my dino’s long cooldown.Even the weakest of those dinos is stronger than the strongest dino on my team. Please fix this. The tournament is becoming impossible and I am extremely disappointed because I love these tournaments.