What is with the update messages?


I’m wondering if anyone else is having this “issue”? You play normally and then all of sudden you continue to get the game has updated and needs to restart. I get this a few times per day and I see nothing on these forums to indicate the reason.

Hopefully it’s just back-end updates, but it can be a tad frustration when it causes the game to just lock up and you have to close it down and restart.


Mine is maybe once a week?

Certainly not noticing it daily.


Only happens to me when I get disconnected and then reconnected - this started from the recent update patch. Before the patch update the screen will just have the loading button and continued with the game like normal. After the patch, you will have to reload the game if there’s even a slight disconnection.


Yeah it happens to me too, also if you touch anything at all on your phone that isn’t the game it pratically has to raconned which is pretty annoying


Well I hope with the next real update, it will fix this problem.