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What is with you people and glyntherax?

So today I was doing some PvP battles and I noticed how many glyntherax I fought:

As you can see in the pictures I fought 4 battles each against 3 creatures 3 x 4=12 so that’s 12 creatures.
And out of those 12, 10 OF THEM WAS A GLYNTHERAX! And I wasn’t playing events either. This was PvP cenizoic vs land arena. So im just curious why so many people love glyntherax and have 3x lvl 40 of him? Is there something about glyntherax I’m missing or what?


I’ve seen it a lot also @Too_qik but I have yet to make one, even though I have the creatures to do so, because of the number I encounter. I rarely follow hype (unless it involves the Indoraptor) and so I just defeat them in battle, typically with one of my Indoraptors lol :joy:

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Me too lol. I was actually inspired by the wave glyntherax to make 3x lvl 40 yudons. I only have 1 glyntherax at lvl 40.

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Because it’s a newer shiny toy for Ludia, my guess is they put it in the AI rotation of “PvP” to showcase it and make it sort of an advertisement to go and make one.


Actually that might be it

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You do realize you’re not battling against real players when you do PVP, right? It’s always against AI/the game itself.


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Definitely not wrong.


There is no actual PVP in this game.


Then explain the Facebook account icons in PvP mode. And why it’s called PvP mode if there is no pvp

It’s just to give the feel of a PvP. Real players are nowhere near as predictable as what you see in how the PvP opponents play. Have you not noticed opponent dinos having levels that real players can’t even have? If you haven’t gotten those yet, you will.


I’ve never noticed that.

I don’t have any screenshoys handy but if you watch any of @Sionsith’s tournament videos I expect you’ll see them frequently. The higher level you use the more often you will see them. Typically they will have kind of a blue glowing aura to indicate their ‘super leveled up’ status.

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100% of the battles are against AI.

The Facebook icons provide the illusion of playing against real people. But they’re not.

Of this, I 100% assure you.

1,000,000% assure you. I love this game, more than any other cell phone game, but “PVP,” is not a real thing in Jurassic World: The Game. Jurassic World: Alive released years after and was Ludia’s first Jurassic World game that actually matches people together… And it’s been rampant with cheaters as well, but that’s often the price of true PVP.

Playing against real people would have been a nice to have, but not a need to have for this game to be successful. And honestly the AI are nice because they’re predictable anyway, making it easier to win the majority of your matches in this game.

Personally, I’d rather have animated “people,” walking the roads in my park.


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I can’t remember that I ever had an opponent beyond level 40 in a PvP or a tournament fight. In PvEs all the time but in PvPs they try to keep the illusion of real opponents alive.


@Too_qik I know how you are feeling. Everything you knew abou PvP was a lie ! In the past, I used to believe that I am very smart at battles, because I win most of the time in PvP. I was like “man , I am so good :sunglasses:” . Then I realized (at this forum) that the wins I was so proud of was against a predictable computer… Felt a little dumb, but you know what? It is better this way. A look at JWA battles will show you how disappointing and unfair real PvP is.


AI defeats mankind in chess, AI defeats mankind in GO, but we defeat the AI in Jurassic park the game.
Man, we are so good.:sunglasses::sunglasses:


But FYI jurassic park the game is something different.

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Started JWA recently… but the pvp battles there are tough indeed… or just very lousy matchmaking