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What is worth investing in now?

What Dino’s worth??? What team?

Save boosts and just play for now a lot of people are should make it easier in the arena for a bit anyways.

Who the heck knows. I spent months building up dinos to decent levels, Have a 30 Thora and a 29 Indo2, though I am often facing teams with 4, 5 or more 30 level dinos. Now, my best dino (Indo2) which I spent months building up gets beat by a Tryko. I have to go thru everything and try to figure out what’s worth re-boosting and what isn’t? Who has that kind of time? I like that Ludia tries to keep the game interesting by giving us new dinos and maybe a new feature or two. But to completely overhaul a game like this where you almost have to start from scratch is very frustrating. Plus, the update took so long, I missed out on a daily battle incubator. Maybe it will just take time to get used to the changes, but at this point, it’s taken the wind out of my sails to even want to play the game.

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I am not planning on “investing” in anything for a while. I will be trying different teams in PVP and tournaments until we know more about how the game is shaping up. No point dumping boosts into things which in the long run are not viable for one thing or another.

Things to keep in mind for 2.0 is that the game overhaul is directing towards Raids. So you now have dinos which are purely Raid dinos (sort of) like Tragodistis for example. In v.1 it always remained a viable late game dino and a very good tourney dino when legendaries came around, now it has no PVP use almost at all but for Raids it looks like a great taunting healer. This means that investments could now be planned across 3 game types, PVP arena, PVP tournament and Raids.

If you want to invest in one game type that is cool, but you might find yourself getting stuck in other game types further down the road. And as Ludia have absoluted gutted some very good viable team dinos to some of the worst dinos in their class (looking at you Diloracheirus) no one will really know what is what for a while.