What is wrong w/o this "Test Your Strength" Event?

Is it just me or is there something abnormal with this “so called” DNA collecting event? Through the last three or four events; I am getting so crazy low amounts of DNAs like 100, 200, maybe max 300. Even after I use the 350 DB re-spin, results were devastating. I generally have one lose or max two throughout the campaign. Sometimes i get the flawless matchup till the end without any defeats. I got two questions:

  1. Is there any correlation btw performace and DNA amounts?
  2. Is there any pattern or strategy that i can use to obtain higher amounts of DNA. (If the first one is for real, I assume)

I’ve got quite well DNA sources other than this event, but every and each day of that event comes, i start to set my expectations as lowest as possible.

  1. No
  2. No

I usually skip these mind mush events tbh they’re so boring


I almost always get the lowest reward. I do the event for the s-DNA and because it is incredibly easy


Same here. The prizes are almost offensive lol.

But the S-DNA is the only reason I do any of the events.


I use trash creatures on the event, you also get I think 75 DNA per round x 5 so that is in addition to the final spin.


Fair points yet again. Love this forum, love you guys thanks.


Aether do be following Fury’s way of contradicting :joy:

Absolutely yes, I got more DNA on my first run of the Rhomaleo Tournament than I got from TYS in the past 3 months.


Best answer :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:it’s true


I mean its easy as heck. You can do it without even using your top creatures whats the problem? Also theres a chance to land on the pack which gives 4000 dna atleast for me. also the s-dna…


But time-consuming and the reward isn’t worth it.

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How are the rewards not worth it? You can literally do it without using your top 50 creatures and probably land on the pack which gives 4000 dna. Plus u get the s-dna from missions. And it isn’t even time consuming unless you give only 10 minutes to the game…


I literally do the mission in like 2 minutes but yeah everyone has opinions

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I also tend to get the lowest reward, couple of weeks ago I got the pack though. My eyes popped out. It gave around 4-5k dna or something like that.


Precisely. I forgot to mention this point in my previous posts. I only spend 10-15 minutes on JWTG at a time, and this is once every 6 or 8 hours.

The only exception is during Tournaments, which I play for 30-45 minutes during the First Run on Friday, and two times a day on further Runs during the rest of the event.

So for something that doesn’t guarantee good rewards, and also when you don’t have a lot of time to spare, it isn’t worth it all that much. Also, the odds of even winning a match is 50-50 since the Opponent sometimes guesses your move and in some cases has the first turn.

But to those who have time then they may try it out and get the S-DNA as well, but not for those who have very little time to play The Game.

In fact, I don’t even grind Modded PvP though I know how good the rewards are, and to this point I do not even play the 3 PvPs for the Daily Missions — I quit them as soon as I start, because again time factor.

For those of us who love The Game but unfortunately don’t have so much time to spend on it, yeah this event is a rip-off.

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Wow i knew you were going to write some bunch of paragraphs lol. But on the serious side seriously? Only 5-10 mintues? I mean don’t take it as offense but i see you on the forums a lot more than 10 mintues. U can invest this time in the game instead right? Unless there’s another reason for it which i am waiting patiently to hear.

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Visiting the Forum and playing The Game is different. You can instantaneously log in to the Forum and interact, and there’s no such schedule to visit the Forum. You can visit the Forum even while doing other things, saaaay during boring online lectures :stuck_out_tongue:

But playing The Game while doing other activities requires concentration and attention, some like our @Trexy can pull it off but then others like me cannot focus on two attention-seeking things at once.

Here in the Forum, you can type half your message and come back later to finish it. But can some people comfortably finish just half of a battle, keep the app running and come back to it a while later without having to see it disconnect and again reconnecting, etc? Or is it a better option to just finish whatever one was doing and then relax to finish the event at once?

I know that it isn’t a big deal to disconnect and login again to continue, but for me it is a painstaking process to finish half a thing and have it occupying my mindspace before going back to finish it, I end up not only leaving the battle incomplete but I lose focus on whatever I’m doing in the time after pausing the event thinking about it.

Also, another reason is because I finish most my events in those two 10-15 minutes slot itself. Extreme scenario, I split half events to the evening during the event reset and the other half for the next morning. So basically there’s nothing much left to do

Also I am one of the laziest human in a 10-mile radius so I am very choosy on what I spend time into. :joy: Basically, the opinion on TYS varies from person to person. Some are okay with it, some are not. I am one in the latter.


Hmm seems reasonable.

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Most probably your English is a lot better than mine, I honestly do not know if English is some kind of native in India.

I could easily finish five or more mod PvPs in the time that I would need to write a post as long as your last one.:wink:


Ah yes, our school teachers used to be extremely strict on this… “Either speak English or don’t speak at all.” And then they themselves spoke in Hindi with each other. In front of us. So from there it kinda became fluent for some of us :sweat_smile:

I also started reading a lot of novels and picking up the language from movies/TV shows which filled in the necessity of learning what our English learning lacked during school. I know more of English than I do of Hindi for this reason.

Writing long post by just moving fingers or playing five battles putting in time and effort?.. Fury picks long post :stuck_out_tongue:

If I am 100% honest, I am currently writing this post while on a video meeting. The last two posts were also written under a similar situation heheh…

The clue…

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Theres the problem, I need some sort of variety or challenge, this event plus the food event and the one where you face all monolophosaur… it’s like watching paint dry

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