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What is wrong with my Alliance Description?

This is the text I want to have in the alliance description

We are a Father-Son team looking for casual hunters to raid with, exchange DNA with, and enter tournaments with. Please have a DNA request active at all times, and share DNA whenever you can.

But it says “That Alliance description is against our Community guidelines.” But I fail to see how that is offensive.

We’re still a small alliance, but if anybody is interested, we’re ArmorPiercingPros and we have PLENTY of room for you.

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Maybe it is the ‘Hunter’ part of it that is my only theory. Try wording it differently

Try typing in that description word by word ( I know that will be annoying) but you could find out the word or part that’s “against” there guide lines

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I think it’s the Son part, as it implies a younger audience, which Ludia dislikes.

Hey RonDubya, please reach out to our support team here at with your support key along with a copy of the Alliance description. Our team would be happy to take a closer look and assist you.


before it was hunter it was gamer and still a violation

I emailed Ludia support so I’ll report back with what I find out.

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I can’t see any issues out of hand. Perhaps change hunters to players?

The filter is really really restrictive. Gets triggered seemingly out of nowhere. Couldn’t use the gamertag I normally use in-game. Can you tell me what’s wrong with ibidiwidi? :sweat_smile: It’s just a process of elimination sometimes. Cut up the sentence and see which part triggers it. Would suggest doing that with the description. Just paste part of it in Alliance chat and see what happens.

FYI: I emailed Ludia support (Thanks for the suggestion Ned) we still don’t know what was triggering the Community Guideline violation, but I did geta response from Ludia support saying the fixed whatver the issue was and allowed me to post my alliance description as is.


It may be the ‘Please have’ part. Ludia don’t like you telling people what to do. Similar in the alliance chat.