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What is wrong with these pictures

What do you mean by an equal number?

Going back to your original argument, just because multi-classes are harder to balance doesn’t mean that they are impossible or even impractical to balance. I don’t see anyone calling for nerfs to the medium theropods because their counters can pierce armor.

I actually think the balance is easy the problem is how Ludia manage it


Say for example you have 10 fierce resilient creatures and say only 3 cunning fierce then also 7 cunning resilient. Most teams would be comprised of mostly the other two while the one with the least while critical would be very much over crowded. Sounds familiar bet it does cause it’s exactly what happened with cunning in this new class system

Ya thats true (cough cough making thor not good for raids)

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But you’re not allowed to use all of those dinos, only 8. It just so happens that most of the top level dinos are resilient. Go down a few arenas to where people only have legendaries and epics, and you’ll probably only find Mammotherium, Sarcorixis, and maybe one or two others as far as resilients go. From what I’ve seen, the meta in the lower arenas is much more balanced. A lot of that does come from having more viable members of each class to choose from. But all you really need is 2-4 good members of each class at a given level of play. It says a lot about how few fierce are viable that they can’t even manage that most of the time. That said, the few fierce we do have show up a lot.


Ya but not really as counters for resilient lol

They do work though, or at least they still work the best. Look at how many top tier dinos are fierce or partially fierce: Maxima, Tryko, Magna, Monolometerodon, Gemini (shield break), Thor (as of 2.2), Tenontorex, Monolorhino, Grypolith… One problem is that a lot of these also have resilient components, so they don’t help reduce the saturation of resilients. Maxima, Tryko, Gemini, Tenontorex, Monolorhino, and Grypolith all are partially resilient or have resilient abilities.

That said, looking at the top teams, there seems to be a really balanced mix of all three classes on most teams. It’s rare to have a team be all of one class, even resilient. So people are still saying that resilients are dominating the meta like it’s something we all know to be true, but since 2.2 came out I’m not seeing a ton of evidence for that, at least at the top level of the arena.

The problem arena isn’t really the perfect analogy for the lower arena neither is the lower arena good for the top arenas

Well yeah, different points in the arena have different metas. It just goes to show that changing the ratio of viable creatures can change the meta, which I guess supports your point.

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