What is wrong with you Rajasaurus?


About that situation couldn’t find any info.
It was in the middle of the battle 1:1 opponent senat Stegosaurus and I’ve got Rajasaurus.
New turn Stego is 150 Raja 720.
I click basic attack cause special ones were used before.
Stego attacked first So I killed him by counter attack. And then opponent sens Styglimoloch against me. I was shocked because my attack Just dissapeard and Styglimoloch attacked me and kill.
Many Times when I used Rajasaurus and click Ling Protection, after succesfull CA Rajasaurus run the shield and after that new creature shows up on the opponent side.
So. Why not this Time?


Hey Lukasz_Wroblewski, thanks for reporting this to us. Contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com so they can investigate further. However, they’ll need some information first before they can take a closer look, include the answers to the following questions in your email:

  • When did this occur:
  • What is your Support Key (found either in your Settings screen or on a loading screen):
  • What is the name of the affected Ability:
  • What is the name of the affected Dinosaur:
  • What level was this Dinosaur at:
  • Was the ability your first attack in the Battle (yes or no):
  • Which Arena were you on (if you don’t know the name, just indicate the number of Trophies you had at the time):
  • Were you on WiFi or mobile Data when it occurred:


When you kill a dino faster than you with a counter attack your attack vanish unless it has an effect. When the stygi comes it was a new turn and because it’s faster than you it hits you first.

The only situation where your attack deals damage to a new dino in the same turn is with the move “impact and run” if they are faster than you (they hit you, swap and then you hit the new one)

So nothing wrong here :wink:


I think same, but in my opinion it is quite unfair.