What is your 8th spot on your team, and do you like it?

Mines mortem. I wanna replace it with alux so badly, but im not even close to creating it.

Mines is Hydra Boa. Me too, just waiting to unlock Ankylos Lux. I have both ingredients at 22 atm, dio is almost 23

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Mine is the only Apex my team currently, Hadros Lux. I’m waiting for Ludia to release the tokens they told us we would get this month, so I can take the boosts out of it, and hopefully put them on Skoonasaurus (thanks to the DNA we’re getting this month). Like everybody else I would like the newer Apexes, but that’s a 3 year project (if I’m still around by then :slight_smile: )


Currently it’s Acrocanthops, but that’s because it’s lower level and lower boosts compared to my other creatures. But when it works, man it WORKS. I have much fun with mine, even if it’s lower level. It’s saved my team in a couple Rinchi raids (5.6k damage on the boss at level 20, WOOOOOOOOO that felt good). But overall I’ve found my dream team, so Im not replacing it.