What is your biggest regret in JWA?

What is your biggest JWA regret? Did you skip out on events? Waste your coins on useless dinos? Mine is definitely that I skipped/missed the first Irritator special event. 18 attempts all gone to waste… :sob:

Leveling stegocera

Downloading the game


I joke I joke of course, levelling up stiggy gen 2 to 19 :joy:


Well i can’t top that. You win the thread sir


So funny and sad all at the same time

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My biggest regret is opting for the Stegoceratops/Mono hybrid instead of the Mono/Mimus hybrid. I don’t see the epic Mono at all. I get lucky and get some of its DNA from incubators, and the strike event a while back. But had I known how effective the Monomimus is (think that’s what it’s called) I would have decided to focus on it instead.

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Leveling so many dinos to 10, just because I could. Wish I could get those coins back.


I did the same thing, I levelled Monostego before Monomimus was in the game, but still wish I could get that DNA back now.

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leveling ouran past 15.


Akylosaurus to 17, v raptor to 24, indominus rex to 23, pyrritator at 23, monostegotops at 26, stegoceratops at 23 and tragodistis to 24 i think xd

10?? Try taking them to 15… Dilopho gen 2, tricera gen 2, a common flyer, nundasuchus to 16, irritator gen 2 level 18 the list is non stop. Don’t judge me

wow lol so whats a perfect team to you then? because alot of ppl use someof those

Probably utharinex, dilonacheirus, indoraptor, stegodeus, monomimus, trykosaurus, magnapyritor and elrikosaurus or diorajasaurus, all at 25 + haha

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I have a l18 trike, irritator and stygi gen 2 as well. Secretly, I regret nothing…

Seems like there is problen with how DNA works, they need change this system to prevent all of this situations

Accidentally leveling dilophasaurus gen 2 to lvl 15 before dilourano added cause I thought it might be used for dilourano major facepalm moment

Spending game money three times on that Epic Strike event against Indoraptor + another level 30… lost all

Leveling up many dinos that I never used (didn’t know gold would be so scarse in the future)

Not getting more DNA from some creatures when I had the chance, cause I didn’t use them, but now I see they could be really useful (like Tany and Alanqa)


The only regret I have is wasting so much coin on levelling up Indominus Rex to L18, working towards Indoraptor, then realising that I don’t actually want either of them in my team anyway. :-/ Bah!

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Monostego before Monomimus, same as many others. Could’ve won a LOT more early trophies. But c’mon at first glance looks were VERY deceiving. A burly upgrade from Stegotops with more armor and crits… or a scrawny dodging ostrich? Little did I know…