What is your current team, and will it change with the patch?

My current team:

My son is a better battler than I am and was able to take it top 500 (no deer or rhino). Its a good team, but I’d really like to put the new apex on it. I don’t know what I’d replace though.

How about you? What’s your current team and team thoughts, and are you planning on changing it up after the patch?


still trying to decide what I want in my final slot. Toura is just a place holder for now since it’s heavily boosted for raids (which I haven’t been able to do for a while. Thanks work) mist likely I’ll try and make the new apex in a timely manor to test it out. I do want to try hydraboa as well when I’m able to make it.


There’s Spyx or h boa

My team ATM. Para Lux and Titanoboa are just placeholders for when I get Hadros Lux and Hydraboa. I’m still grinding and such, as my team isn’t fully complete yet. I need Hadros and Hydra of course, but I’m yet to get Rinchicyon to 26 and begin boosting my team. It takes forever FIPing for Rinchicyon, and I’m still pretty far behind for Hydra, so getting this team will take a bit. I intend on getting my entire team to 26 boosted before I begin playing more PvP again. Here’s what it’ll look like in the future.

I don’t intend on changing it after the Update.


IndoT should be lv28 tomorrow


Just using my favourites, probably won’t change unless something new catches my eye. Cera is a placeholder for trebax, and I still don’t know if erildom is going to stay



My team currently. I don’t really care much for battling so if I do ever change it, I’ll probably just throw in another creature I like. Ideally, I would add Argenteryx to my team but I don’t have the DNA or Coins to bring it up to 20/21 nor do I feel like playing much to even do it. I’d also like to add an Apex to it, but I lack the motivation to do raids. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the current crew:

I won’t be changing it post-patch because I don’t have the boosts to bring in anything new. I actually still need four attack boosts and one health boost to finish my skoona (which will be level 30 after the season ends next Monday). If I could change anything, I’d likely bring monolorhino in for something, maybe lania.

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Depends on if any of the new dinos are better or not.
Then I’d have to figure out who to replace.

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