What is your favorite Cenozoic and aquatic hybrid?

Personally, I like dunkleosaurus and dilophoboa.

You just named the top of aquatic and Cenozoic so what exactly do you mean favourite?
Does it mean which hybrid you like for your team stat wise and would likely to get? Which economic for its cost and is very useful to have ?
Or do you mean the hybrid we like based on its appearance , animations , history or some other personal affiliation?

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Which one has your favorite appearance.

Liosichtodon for Aquatic, and no Ceno. Every single Ceno hybrid disgusts me. If not the looks, then the color scheme.

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I never gave it too much thought but I’d go with smithetoceras ( it’s the weakest tourney hybrid , weaker than i rex gen2) and darkoderma ( only aquatic hybrid i can make currently )

Megarchelon and indricoceros, I love the look of both of these creatures.

Dilophoboa for the Cenozoic and probably Megarchodon for the aquatics

My favourite ceno hybrid is smithoceras and my favourite aquatic hybrid is megarchelon

Dunkleosaurus, Dilophoboa

For me it’s xinathodon and smithetoceros