What is your favorite dino, and if so, do you run it?

My favurate dino is thor :slight_smile: heres my full team and my thor

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N.1 -

N.2 -

N.3 - Shame about dilorach, love the design but him being a healer ain’t great needs a rework in my opinion nobody uses him for raids or pvp whilst trying to fit into both roles.


Ah the birdy bois (: love em all!

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Dang that’s pretty beefy :0

My Orion and her have the EXACT same attack

Level 27

I don’t think my Orion has 10 attack boosts. Orion has 1600 base attack, which is higher than grylenken I think?

Here’s the level and attack boosts


The Orion has 5 attack boosts, your Grylenken has 8.

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That is one awesome Acro

All of the creatures that are in this picture are my absolute favorites in the game. I don’t run most of them since I still don’t have them unlocked. For now, I only have Erlikospyx, Dodocevia and Thylacotator, all of them level 20+ while Gem is past halfway unlocked.
I’m more of a collector, I care more about getting them all than being competitive, so that’s why most of them aren’t top meta (I know Spinocon is, but to be fair, it’s been there before the buff), and even if they’re nerfed, I’ll surely still use them.
I even gave them some nicknames so I can identify them better and have the ideas ready in case Ludia gives us a way to nickname them :t_rex:
If Albertospinos comes out with a great design, he’s definitely getting here too!

Sinokota has no boosts because I haven’t found the best build for it


You may be thinking Troodon, but not in this game lol. It looks a complete disaster in Alive :joy:

I like most of the hadrosaurs and pachycephalosaurs in alive, Para Lux, Stegoceras, Stygymoloch being some of the favourites.

I like Testacornibus too. Love his looks and stats, plus the fact he is the one of the best uniques in JWA.

Some other chickens, a few raptors, a few flocks, some sauropods and I think that’s it for what I like in JWA.


I’m personally going for a Favorites only team myself, so this is what I intend on it being:

Whilst some of my team does seem a bit meta, such as Orion, Spinocon, and Hydra, they are still my favorites, and I intend on using them. Here’s my strongest one, and probably my favorite dino in game at the moment.

I love this guy, and I love using him. He’s meta viable, but not broken, so in all likelihood I won’t need to worry about getting it nerfed anytime soon. Hope he ends up being my first level 30, maybe even my first 30/30 dino.


yes, thats why I LOVE Gry.

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I’m so happy that Orion got buffed. Easily the best member on my team rn, even though I have skoona

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I know it’s an apex but it’s by far the most beautiful Dino in the game, not many people use it, it’s probably the least used Apex in the game currently.


My favorite creature has always been the Sarcorixis I always used it on my team until they weakened it and it’s not like it was before, I hope one day I get a super hybrid or a hyper hybrid


Sarcorixis is already a Super-Hybrid, so the only thing we can expect is a Mega-Hybrid for it.

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Spinoconstrictor is my current favorite. She only really has problems with dinos that are immune to DOT. The rest are toast most of the time.

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I still use my Rixis on my arena team. Works pretty well. I stay mid to upper library.