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What is your favorite dino


  1. Quetzorion
  2. Magnapyritor
  3. Utasinoraptor
  4. Erlidominus
  5. Pterovexus


  1. Quetzorion
  2. Erlidominus
  3. Trykosaurus
  4. Ardentismaxima/Geminititan
  5. Magnapyritor

Overall favourite: Quetzorion

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My favorites would have to be Magnapyritor and Postimetrodon

Megalosuchus :revolving_hearts:


Aquatics Confirmed? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Quetzorion, Phorusaura, Smilonemys, Magnapyritor, Skoolasaurus.

Thor,DC,proceratomimus,ardentismaxima,gemini and indoG2…
LOL just kidding

Edmonto,thylaco,stegodeus ,grypolyth ,diplovenator and OF COURSE my belove charlie

Teaser? If I won’t see you from next week and on, that’s pretty much the answer…

hard to say… so many hehehe.

love classic real ones like velo, apato, rex, ankylo…

for jwa exclusive i have special emotion to trykosaurus. but also like thor, utasino, magna (great colors), stegod, suchotator, dracobomb, gorgosuchus, ankylocodon, diplotator…

i have to take a better look at new creatures, but scaphotator seems cool.

some worst too, like edmontoguanodon, smilocephalo… :see_no_evil:

  1. Ardentismaxima
  2. Trykosaur
  3. Brachiosaurus
  4. Mammoth
  5. Quetzorion
  6. Smilodon
  7. Carbonemys
  8. Allo gen2
  9. Geminititan
  10. Megaloceros



Eyyyy :wink:

No teaser, just my favourite creature. :smiley:


In the game, Utasinoraptor!

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Well since she doesn’t read this forum and is older than me, I am going to say my girlfriend.

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