What is your favorite opener and why?


I’ve been struggling with this forever. I guess there is no absolute answer for this, as the best opener depends on what the opponent opens with and it’s always about luck, but I was curious. What do you people like to start combat with and why? Does it work? I try to open with Einiasuchus because she is rather versatile, or Nodopatosaurus because she has enough defense and health to deal with whatever people open with, but sometimes I just can’t resist the lure of bringing the little raptor up first. I know, dangerous, but you can’t deny sometimes it works great…


Stegosaurus until I get a better dino.


Stegoceratops, the hybrid. Best opener in a velociraptor meta! Or just the regular stego as well unless they have a tank… Better swap to rexy when you can. Best opener = one that counters your opponent. Einia is a powerhouse you can save for later; try to take care of velo openers first; then soak pounce damage and let einia one shot it afterwards, for example. Nodopato is also a great choice but doesn’t do loads of damage; try to 2 hit a velo so it can’t get one additional pounce off and forces your opppnent to swap.

Velo openers will be easily countered in higher arenas with slows and armor so if it works now; great! But at some point you will lose it fairly easily. You can always swap it back, for example, if you know the enemy has no armor (your attack still hurts a lot!) and doesn’t one-shot you either.


Hey, thanks! I’m currently on arena 6, with over 2700 trophies, and velociraptor still works great as an opener occasionally. Yes, sometimes it breaks your game to open with her, as I said I try to avoid it but sometimes just can’t resist :smiley: if velociraptor can’t handle the opponent’s opener I usually switch and gift them a free hit but sometimes I recover anyways.

Thanks for the advice, I will try opening with stegoceratops too, she might be good for the job <3


I use my stego or anky to range what the other opponent has. Also insures I can take out the Raptors first if my opponent happens to throw it out first.


For now I open with Wuerho or Anky until I can finish up stegocera. I encourage people to keep opening with raptors because it always gives me the win with my strategy lol. The slow or armor are musts right now to open with since all my opponents always start with Vraptor.
The way better use for raptors are as sweepers after your first or second Dino. Much harder to counter at that point.


Indominus. Immune to debuffs and 50% chance to dodge attacks plus armor piercing attacks and 4x multiplier for his first hit


Sigh. If only I had her. I need like 900 T-Rex DNA to get her, but I’ll keep it in mind for when that happens, thanks!


I’m low level at only 6-4 but I love to open with Velo or (preferably) Einiasuches. I just love the abilitys to counter tanks with speed and raptors with buffs. Just imo tho