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What is your favorite theropod

me it’s carnotaurus

Sorry, I forgot to place the metriacantosaurus.

and allo and giga

me giga even though in the game the desighn is terrible

I know, I also like the giganotosaurus, too bad for the face.

If we include hybrids, I definitely believe the iconic Indominus Rex dominates in sheer power, design, mobility and every other factor

But if we limit it to theropods that actually existed… I feel like the spino is a really cool one, very unique sail and the design in game with the blue body and red sail tip go so well together!

Normally is an Allosaurus, but bec Allosaurus is ruined in the game, it’s Yutyrannus and Velociraptor g2

Yeah, Yutyrannys

Trex and indoraptor

I’ve changed it, Omega 09 DEFINITELY

omega … hmmm … yes it works, I too find omega cooler than alpha.