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What is your goal in the game?

I always wonder what people strive to do. This is a pretty fun game, that really only takes about 20 minutes of my time each day except when there is a tournament.

My main goal is to have one of every creature at Level 40 (with the exception of VIP creatures) without having to ever spend any real money.

As of now I am very close to this. Just working on getting the last few Cenozoic hybrids and the current superhybrid, and then I’ll have everything.

So what is your goal? What motivates you?


I dont think I have a true goal with the game tbh.

If my goal was to collect every creature and max every creature I fear that my play would stop there, currently I just enjoy cruising along playing PvE and PvP and getting the necessary unlocks, all the while just deepening and strengthening my roster, as new creatures and hybrids get introduced they may change my plans with what to work on.

If I feel I start getting bored in developing an area of my game I switch to developing my aquatic or cenozoic lineup instead, currently I’m pretty happy with where I’m at in the game and just casually adding new creatures to the roster each week.

I suppose my goal is to just have fun with the game then really :slight_smile:


Unlock everything… oh wait.



My goal was to get all of the tournament creatures maxed (Jurassics, Cenos and Aquatics). I achieved it about 2 weeks ago. If there was a hybrid for that creature then I did it twice.

My tournament aquatics are in various levels past Level 31(basically maxed)

And my all of my tournament Cenos are still at two levels 30s of each because they are more useful to me at this stage. I consider this to be maxed though.

Next goals:
1 million DNA
Max all legendary cenos and aquatics.

Though the hatchery can be tedious…I think it’s one of my greatest sources of enjoyment from this game


I have some objectives (they are from the easiest to the most difficult):
1: Hatch all the creatures I have on the market
2: Max all creatures
3: Have a paddock of each creature


The only problem with maxing all creatures, is without a lot of grinding and time, a maxed L40 Indoraptor, much less a gen 2 as well will make your game impossible.


I suppose instead of maxing all animals, to make it better for balance you could have as many copies as you need for a lvl 40 i.e. 8 lvl 10 Indoraptors instead of a lvl 40 indo

My goal is pretty sick one
To have every creature in the game lvl 40 ×9

I have a max 40 Indoraptor (Gen 1 and 2) and there are only a couple events I skip on a regular basis (and this is usually because I don’t want to waste all my top creatures for a lame prize, not because I can’t win). But in general I still play and win at everything without issue.

My biggest hurdle is a lack of really strong amphibious creatures to counter the carnivores.


My main goal in this game was to have every single creture in park level 40. When that was done i’ve started to make one rule with every creature in the game again - having all four evolutions on each and every creature paddock, yeah even hybrids and super hybrids. But now when i do all of that i didnt have any goal and im looking for it too :thinking:


My goal is getting all my favorite level 40 designs :D. They are Aerotitan, Xiphactinus, Gallimimus, Mauisaurus, Utahraptor, Supersaurus, Mammotherium, Rhamphorhyncus, all the snakes and Metoposaurus right now.

For me,

My first goal was every base-dino at L40 (thus excluding the tourney hybrids and S-hybrids).

My goal after that was to unlock every dino. Currently I own at least 1 copy of every dino, and have 5 tournament dinos left to unlock.

Currently I am finishing up my goal of filling up an entire paddock with Ostaposauruses.

Future plans are to get all my tourney hybrids up to a more powerful level, just because I haven’t focused on that since ally DNA was sucked into my Ostaposaurus paddock.

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get ostafrikasaurs

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It’s in rotation , lv55+ can unlock it next Monday.