What is your highscore?


Hi guys,

Post here your highscore when gathering dino dna!


I didn’t took a screenshot but my best is 150 lol what level are you to get all that DNA? :astonished:


Hi, im level 8, close to level 9, so i bet there lvl 15 guys that reach 300 dna


I must suck at the game because I got 88 from a euoplocephalus - when I was level 6 I believe.


I had 222 today but im always too slow to take a picture looool… Sadface. Im level 9 btw!


101 can’t remember the dino. I was thinking sure if I was getting better at it or if you catch more DNA at a higher lvl. I’m level 5 or 6 I forget atm.


My highscore was 124 on a Tarbosaur at level 6



I just got 260 today lol -again too slow for picture- i wish you could let the window stay to make a picture. :confused:


Hi Freds00n,

Aww dam :frowning: such a pitty that you dont have the screenshot, would be awesome to see it. :frowning:


So far, 108 at level 5


Me too. I got 102 today and that was the first time I got over hunderd. But I had the feeling I was doing really well so I guess those high scores are from people who played the beta (?) and had more time to practice


No pic, My best is 113 at level 4.
I am level 5 now, though I have gotten close to beating that a few times I have yet to do it.


Around 150 @ level 5


My new highscore is like 187 on stego


200 exactly on a stegosaurus last night but the closest I’ve came before that is 167. Usually only on stegosaurus, euo or a deino.


200 exactly on stegosaurus too :joy: easy shooting


New high score for level 19. Looks like the highest i’ll ever be able to do is 450 at level 20.