What Is Your Ideal JWA?

I’m curious how everyone would describe their ideal Jurassic World Alive. What changes would you make? What would you keep and what would you add to the game? The same questions could be applied to the forum as well and I am additionally curious how you all would make it ideal for you.

  1. Make hunting relevant again. Make all non-hybrids appear in the wild rather than having habitat zones. Make it so that players have to get back out and looking for creatures rather than being handed DNA all the time, even if it means some creatures are harder to find. Allow anything that is not a hybrid into sanctuaries regardless of rarity.

  2. Reduce the number of hybrids in the game. Hybrids are a small part of the Jurassic franchise but it is mainly about dinosaurs. Let’s see more prehistoric creatures appear and be relevant for longer.

  3. Change the trophy system to an ELO system and stop resetting it after each season.

  4. Add aquatics to the game. Give us Aquatic only tournaments and events, so that its worth people hunting and levelling them as well.

  5. Balance the matchmaking to go along with the ELO system, and get those bug fixes done that should have been done a long time ago.



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A game that works instead of taking 20 seconds to switch between screens, doesn’t freeze while drone darting or battling, and doesn’t crash and need rebooting several times a day.


Buff Megalosuchus, and I’d be set forever.
I’d literally ignore every single other problem with this game if they’d just buff my girl.


I’m gonna split these into sections because this post is gonna be pretty big.

All Creatures Good in Battle

There is no such thing as overpowered or underpowered. All creatures in the game can be use effectively and arena/tournaments will never consist of the same 10 creatures. The usage of every creature in the game is monitored regularly, and changes to them are made accordingly. Magnapyritor is just as good as Albertocevia. Diplocaulus Gen 2 is an effective counter to Albertosaurus. Nodopatotitan stampedes through all kinds of flocks. Team variety is limitless.

Representation of Obscure and Unique Animals

Almost every paleo enthusiast has heard of over 90% of the non-hybrid roster before even playing the game, so why not add new wacky stuff to make for some good hybrid material? I’d love to see stuff like Lotosaurus, Quinkana, Simosuchus, Alvarezsaurus, Ambopteryx, Deltadromeus, etc in the game, as well as newly discovered creatures that deserve the spotlight and should be shown to a wider audience.

New Ways to Battle

We have Arena, Raids, Strike Towers, Campaign, Friendly Battle, and Tournaments, and most players only regularly do about 3 of these. Why not more options? Friendly Battles with matchmaking, 2v2 battles, and even a gauntlet-style mode or endless mode with extra rewards could all give players something new to do.

No Event Exclusives

If all creatures are as equal in strength as possible, there’s no reason to make some harder to get than others. All event exclusives will be put elsewhere, and Ludia can profit off of every creature in the game rather than milking a select few while ignoring the existence of everything else.

More Communication and Activity with the Community

Ludia listens to player feedback, keeping track of issues and prioritizing in fixing them. Creatures will be buffed and nerfed according to the feedback as well. Polls are ran to see what the community does and doesn’t want. Creature polls with varying and interesting options are made more frequently. Feature polls determine what should be prioritized in while the losing features get added later down the line.

Fixing Move Complications

Move icons display what the ability does, as well as the ability’s name. Moves with an alert state have “Alert” in the name (I’m looking at you, Delayed Precise Rampage). Moves that have too many effects to be given a short name will get a completely unique name instead. Definitions of terms in abilities are consistent throughout the ability roster

Several Ways of Fixing Map Lag

Raid bosses no longer roam the map and all of them are placed into a raid tab in the battle section. Strike towers disappear completely once completed. Sanctuaries can be hidden via the settings.

Accurate Creature Sizes in Battle

Models are scaled to be their correct size, that way creatures of the same rig don’t look like reskins, and so Bajadasaurus isn’t the same size as Argentinosaurus. It would give more feel to the creatures and would also give us confirmation on hybrid sizes

There are definitely more stuff I could add to this list, but this is all I could think of at the moment.

  1. Reduced lag. Pretty self explanatory
  2. Buff the weak creatures. Buff things like megalosuchus, monostegotops, koolabourgiania, etc.
  3. Stop introducing broken creatures. Albertocevia, old phorex, imperatosuchus, and buffed creatures like ref and hydra boa are a mistake. This goes hand in hand with point 2.
  4. No more exclusives. All real creatures deserve to have huntability rather than being fully pay to win and unfair.
  5. Make the pass more fair. Make it so rewards vary with level. It makes no sense for people below sorna marshes to be handed free uniques and legendaries.
  6. Make the arena fair. Rather than basing battles on trophy count (which sometimes is a lie) make it based on team level average.

My ideal version of this game would be having no paywalls, be an active listener and responds to the community, fixes bugs without creating more, and allows the community to keep up with the meta.

  1. Prioritise bug fixes, devote entire updates to fixing bugs/crashes/lag. Not adding more and more features and dinosaurs that end up hindering the game further and adding more bugs. You always get the handful of players that whine about “where dino pls new dino pls” but what good is a game if you can’t even play and enjoy the new dinos.

  2. Rework the pass. Basically what GadZip said up there. Players in lower arenas should not be given free thors and rexys. I feel like the rewards should differ depending on where you are in the arena.

  3. Introduce a “Skill” arena that’s basically a copy paste of the Skill tourney. This arena has all dinos set to level 26 and are not boosted. Trophies are still involved as they determine the end of season rewards like the current arena.

  4. Level caps to pvp teams to make things fairer. Eliminating the use of crutch dinos or dropper teams that feature 7 out of 8 dinos that are level 15 and their last dino is a max boosted level 30 Morty. It’d even help solve the Thor in early arenas headache.
    It’d involve the first dino in your team determining the levels that can be used. For example your first dino is level 20 and you can’t use a dino above level 25 or under 20.

  5. Fix the on map raid bosses “hitboxes” blocking stops/sanctuaries/etc (I’m looking at you Postimetrodon) so when you tap on a stop that’s a bit of a distance away from the dino, you aren’t somehow magically tapping on the raid boss.

Honorable mentions:
Remove the barrage of “Would you like VIP?” No and it’s still no for the thousandth time.
A drone that has a speed that’s between classic and veteran.
Nameable Sanctuaries.


Giving priority to hunting DNAs and less lag and bugs.

Oh my I forgot about raid boss hit boxes… They will block anything important that you need