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What is your max stored DNA?


20k Allosaurus DNA. Seems that is all the incubators ever give me lately. Just curious if others are also holding tons of DNA.


Just because I can’t see any Sinoceratops around here…
Really want to create Allosinosaurus.:joy:


Basically anything around lvl 10.


I need that euoplo dna plz and ty. They dont spawn here anymore


For Stegodeus.


Holy shiz nizzle! You guys are hoarding it all lol. I’m only lvl 11 though. I thought having 3k of nodos was doing good lol… :slight_smile:


You must have a heavy wallet. Got a massively leveled team.


Daaaamn! That is a lot of Apatosaurus DNA. There was a time I would have to drive to parks where they rarely spawned. Now they are all over the place.


Sinoceratops are even more rare than TRex here too. Ludia please more Sinoceratops so we can get rid of that DNA.


I don’t hoard anything this extremely anymore. My Allosaurus is the only thing that consistently pulls my bacon out of the fire so I leveled her to 17, won’t stop until at least 20.

True, have only have 5k coins now but since I don’t run into key hybrid pieces very much, if at ALL (where are you, Dimetrodon/Kaprosuchus!!!11!!!), but it’s the only way to stay relatively safe in Arena 7 to keep getting these incubators in the hopes that I manage to obtain relevant, Arena-exclusive DNA.


I had like 5k nodos till i went to work on stegod. Hes 30 dna from 22 now and i still have over 1k left


Most of my euplos came from incubators, since I stopped catching them for ages. And I always catch my feathery baby deinocheirus whenever I see her!20180811_081118 20180811_081144


Wow!You have 21985 bucks!OMG!