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What is your opinion about Sanctuary Allliance Battles?

I believe the sanctuaries were designed to get players from your area to have more interaction. Locking it to a single alliance would kinda defy that purpose. Unless they add 2 types but that sounds kinda unnecessarily complicated.
This seems to be a nasty exploit that needs to be addressed.
@Ludia_Developers @ned @J.C @Keith seeing this?

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I still think making sanctuaries shared only accessible by alliance members would stop the sanctuary abuse! Of course that would not stop a hacker from figuring out how to join alliances without being invited!

seen and escalated to developers


I just really wish Ludia would see this here and take action. It’s HIGHLY unlikely he’s an employee. Could he travel around a lot? Yeah, buy also unlikely (and I believe, if that were the case, he’d have pointed it out from the start). So that sums up to him probably being a hacker or a cheater, and although I can’t prove it, Ludia should truly look into this. Either way, inciting attacks on his alliance’s chat is just LOW. Work on your own sanctuary, stop stealing someone’s else’s effort.


Thank you J.C!

Thank you so much JC!!!

Thanx J.C 1010101

There is a gonna be a delay till Monday on them seeing it, I will be upfront about that. However, I will make sure they read through this one.


I agree but on one point! Our high level sanctuaries are worked on by all members with the understanding of all members to always leave places open so that sanctuary can build up a certain type or particular dinosaur. If someone not in the alliance kept throwing something in it to use up all the spots would cause chaos.

Luckily we don’t have this issue as all the members ask before they add and where to add.

No worries J.C it is the weekend of course :grinning::grinning:


Thank u so much J.C.


For us it happens pretty much never actually. When one spot is taken, or even an entire sanctuary is taken over by an other alliance, we still have many others left. No biggie.
But yeah, the option of sharing it with everyone kinda interferes with organizing maximum output by your alliance. That’s something you have to take into account when using them tactically.
In our alliance it doesn’t really matter, just add whatever you want in whatever sanctuary, if it expires there’s always others. High level sanctuaries don’t give you much more dna anyway.

This particular case is different though, sanctuaries get broken/blocked by one single nasty player.

Making them Alliance exclusive would hurt solo players. Perhaps just an addition that the creator (owner) of the alliance could knock out an unwanted addition?

I am a solo player who found a sanctuary that another solo player in my area uses. We can work together to level it up, even though we have never met. It also lets the other players know they are not alone in the area. It is one thing if they kick me out, it would hurt both of us if we could not work together.


If its completely local access we cant do anything about it. But someone specifically cough, has been spoofing around the map. We moved our sanctuary cross country and the same person still got in… and he keeps spamming it with level 10 commons… our sanctuary is all planned and everything and this person just keeps messing it up, and hacking while doing it. Now thats more than an alliance war, thats personal. I don’t know how he found it in the first place…


The probability of one player finding one sanctuary thousands of miles from a previous known one is impossible without higher hacking tools/skills. This is beyond spoofing because I told no one where it was located beyond the state it’s located. Just stating the state of its location is not enough to find it. No city, county, or even region of the state was mentioned. If it was some rando player, not with a previous issue alliance, you could say someone stumbled upon it. This is not stumbling upon a sanctuary. This is pure game hacking.


And stalking and harassment, take your pick.

Thanks to JC for looking into this.

I realize the sanctuary thing is relatively new but it has given our alliance an added goal we can work towards as a group. We take time to survey our members and add dinos that everyone, from all levels, needs. This is helping many players to enjoy and succeed at the game.

What this hacker/griefer is doing not only marginalizes our efforts, but requires intervention from our officers, members and Ludia staff. KillerRaptors is not asking for special treatment or to be rewarded reparations. We are simply asking that our alliance be allowed to operate within the rules and regulations of the game without being harassed and attacked.

Thank you for your attention and support in this matter.


Yes thank you J.C. for looking into this. It is upsetting to work on a sanctuary only to have it deliberately attacked like this. The player in question needs to be stopped or else any sanctuary our alliance builds, anywhere in the world, is in danger of being invaded.


This is an obvious case of greifing by its definition - someone who takes pleasure in creating greif for an opponent via various “cheap” tactics.

They made a post about a sanctuary near their house being full and how no one played there and accused the players within of spoofing on no other premise but that the sanctuary was mostly full and then joined it. Fine they were local and didn’t understand alliance sharing sanctuaries. That couldn’t be helped and that’s all part of how the game is played. Now while they were in the alliance Scabbers they advertised their alliance by claiming the level 17 or higher sanctuaries as theirs as a way to get new member then asked their alliance to aid in the attempt to kick the original alliances out of their own sanctuaries. Okay guess they found out alliances can help with sanctuaries at some point so hopefully they realize were not spoofers anymore but playing the game as intended. Fine point taken. They want that location well move across the country. (I’m unsure if other scabbers members were part of this or if the user in question was just going rouge)

NOW Within the first day of our new sanctuary creation they start dropping level 1 - 10 common dinos in and not just 1 of our sanctuaries but MULTIPLE. Even if they had an informant in the alliance and expendable money to fly out there, only the creators know anything more then the state they are in. That is not ‘luck’ or ‘world travel’ that is stalking.

I’m not sure what ludia employee would lie about them owning a sanctuary,asking an alliance to help steal said sanctuaries, target new level 4 - 8 sanctuarys for their ‘research’ simply because the same alliance owned it OR edit all their posts they make to a classic text placeholder like “lorem ipsum” if they were in fact doing research like they claimed pre edit.

This has made a normally very fun team building aspect of the game incredibly stressfull We do polls and talk about what to drop in and in what order to help every member in the alliance but lately we cant because if we take time to scroll to the dino people want a level 1 monolophosaurus Gen 2 or level 10 iguanodon will be put in instead. As Chasa said this isn’t looking for special treatment. Far from it. This could be happening to anyone and my opinion would be the same. In fact they very may well have targeted or will target others who get on the radar. Alliances with less resources or fewer members who stand less of a chance to fight back.

I’m sure ludia can see posts pre edited but if not I do have various screen caps and pictures of them admitting to trying to snipe others sanctuaries, claiming it as theirs to advertise themselves, enlisting help in their greifing, and I know others who have the screen caps of them impersonating staff

As for a more constructive part of this post
Perhaps have it where if a sanctuary is started by a certain member or alliance they have the first 10 seconds of a spot opening to claim it. It would still allow solo players to drop in if an alliance isn’t on top of sanctuaries or is open to sharing their locals while giving groups who want to handle sanctuaries more carefully a chance to do so if only for a small window of time.

thanks J.C for getting staff attention on this! Sorry for the novel but I thought it best compile a lot of the things in one place and give added details that hadn’t been given yet and offer staff the ability to see any evidence I have just in case.


Developers where informed today, as promised.