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What is your opinion of Ludia

Given how theyve completely ruined this game from 1.7, I’ve heard varying opinions. Whats your opinion of the @Ludia_Developers and the current state of the game?


This should be entertaining … :popcorn:


Yup, grab your popcorn lol :popcorn:


I personally think that other than the arena, i think the game is fine. In terms of arena, we definitely need change. Just faced a level 27 overboosted indoraptor (still dont see why people boost it. It’s garbage now) with a level 24 team

As for the company, they should just pass the game over to someone more capable. This is getting beyond ridiculous. Poor matchmaking, game breaking boost system that didnt have much thought on the effects it would have, babying the rat and not nerfing it despite it being broken, constantly selling boosts for ever increasing prices, and even playing favorites in their own country and setting out an event for 100 attempts at META RELEVANT dinos that we all need, not to mention zero communication after 1.7 dropped

If they truly care, they would be addressing all of this, but as it stands, if it makes them money, they wont do a thing

This is my current team. A team like this should be up in aviary due to its current power. Nope, im barely past 4100 trophies and on my way to Jurassic Ruin. These are freaking ENDGAME creatures. This same team (obviously not the same one, but very close to it) was doing well in mid aviary, but the second boosts were released, i pretty much divebombed


I would say they are very much money orientated, far more so than any other company I’ve ever encountered.

When I first started playing over a year ago I was surprised at the cost of incubators and the fact that vip was available at such an extra cost, but like a fool I went vip and bought the special offer incubators when they were offered.

I even bought boosts when they were launched, much to my regret when I realised matchmaking was completely ruined by the new algorithm.

I know no one is forced to spend any money in the game, but the people at Ludia are clever. They lure you in, and before you know it you are hooked. Everyone who has spent money on this game would no doubt be surprised at how much they’ve actually spent. It’s so easy to just keep spending in the hope that it will get you somewhere, and for some I’m sure it has. But for the vast majority it’s money down the drain, a complete waste, and I certainly won’t be spending another penny on it given the state it’s in now.

Perhaps Ludia know that it’s only worth bothering with newer players as it seems they never do anything for the long term players. We ask for fairness to be returned to the arena and get nothing. We complain about boosts, saying they’ve ruined the game, and they offer more. We say the rat is way too op and they give it a very minor nerf, with a boost to its attack. Same applies to the vastly op Thor.

The only good thing I can say is that the graphics are pretty good in this game. The glitches, bugs, particularly alliance chat and matches crashing, unfortunately make that one good point easily forgotten. Just as matchmaking up until 1.7 was a great part of the game, and the way it’s gotten so bad now makes me forget how good it was.

So all in all I don’t have a very good opinion of Ludia as a company at all.


Thors only op cuz of boosts, but thats besides the point youre making. I agree 100% with your statement

Whats funny is, aside from the algorithm, this is all so easy to fix too. They just dont because then they wont make money

I bet they took boosts into consideration when they nerfed Magna this update. Maybe they thought overboosted magna was too strong, so they reduced its hp so much so overboosted magna would be easier to kill

If boosts are considered when nerfing something, we’re gonna have a(nother) problem


Short sighted money driven company.

There was no need for boosts other then to generate revenue which could have been generated other ways.

Dino level should have went to at least 40.

A proper speed tie system.

And most important to me. Communicate with your customers.

Look at the staff at the top of the page.

They have Ludia community manager and ludia staff.

Why arent they communicating with us on the forum. I understand why the mods dont have to. Be we even get more communication from them instead of the community manager and staff, that should be communicating with us.

Listen to your customers. You say the ideas on here get passed along then why do implement the opposite of what we want the majority of the time.

Overall I like the game or wouldn’t still be playing it.


I think you have summed them up well.

As for the state of the game: nerf damage and health boosts; severely nerf speed boosts (can’t see removing them completely being an option) and go back to 1.6 matchmaking; I could live with the rest.


I think the best way speed boosts should be handled should be to only grant +1 speed per rank up.

With the current settings, Thor’s max speed is 159. With the one im suggesting, it only gets up to 119

See a difference?


I was writing my own post shaming Ludia and top rank players for exploiting Ludia’s created mess but then stopped that likely it would have been taken down + me banned from forums.

Now just responding here that IMO Ludia is really a messy company who only care about making money and milking everyone before the game die (which I believe sooner rather than later); I played many games which are after 5+ years still doing very very strong but I don’t see surving even half of that long at this current messy pace.

And on top arena is supposed to be the best thing about game but these boosts + fooling matchmaking to gain advantage is putting me off from game completely.

Especially those at the very top rank and top alliance; with epics and low level dinos in a mix with high speed boosted dinos taking advantage of matchmaking frustrates me most.

I am almost out of JWA and now enjoying playing games which I almost stopped playing before (aka Castle Clash, Transformers Forged to Fight etc)


Literally the only thing keeping me in arena is the Diplodocus dna since im working on Gemini currently. After this month ends, i probably wont be playing arena anymore until theres a change


Since I know nothing of the company or their other games, I’ll take a look at how they did with JWA.

The graphics and design folks did a fantastic job on the game. The basic mechanics: darting, leveling, battling etc. are great also! Distribution of in game buildings is wonderful. In my rural neighborhood they are nicely spread out and accessible. More built up, ‘civilized’ areas they are more concentrated. Extremely rural is a bit sparse, I’ve been a few places where there was not much around. Overall good job there though.

Balancing early in the game was great. They did get things working smoothly with each update. Yeah, a few they did a little too much ‘tweeking’ on, but overall great work. I liked the change of meta: Raptor/Tank… Kept things interesting and kept us thinking.

Battle Arena mechanics are great. Working up through the Arenas gave goals to reach. Attacks balanced nicely and made Arena/battles very enjoyable. I would have liked to see a little better DNA as incubator rewards, but that is just me. The speed tie is an issue I think they could have found a solution to though.

Adding content was a little slow, but acceptable. More useful creatures would have been a huge plus. I realize there will always be top meta, but we need a better assortment of ‘useful’ creatures. Some of the creatures do not seem really well thought out.

Creature spawns could be better. Lack of a predictable rotation was a huge fail. With the size of the “locals” it is just not practicable to go find and hunt each one for the required resources. The sending some creatures to strictly parks was a huge fail, except for me as I had access to a few great parks. But I was one of the few who had access to them, not good for the community.

Donations do not really help as I am one who would rather go out and get what I need, not take handouts. And at 2000 DNA for some fuses… Donations are not great. They should help or supplement not be the sole source for DNA and I feel many are using it for that. More thought into their mechanics would have helped here. More of a “trading” of DNA between individual users. Or a general Alliance ‘pool’ of DNA. You put in 100 of what you have most of, you can take out 100 of whatever is in there. Rare for rare, common for common, Epic for Epic kind of thing. Some sort of check and balance mechanic needed.

Alliances were a good addition for the community. I think they were a little rushed and not enough thought went into setting them up. Tools for one, how could they have been put in with zero tools? Fail there. Not working out the bugs soon after implementation was another fail. It pretty much negates what they could have been.

Missions were another fantastic addition! But again, rushed without enough thought into their mechanics. And then the upkeep. How long did it take to get a change of reward in? All that should have been decided and programed in right from implementation.

Sanctuaries, in theory, were another great addition. In practice, not so much. Seems like another rushed feature just to get them in. Not enough thought into the mechanics of them or they could have been a huge plus. Function to rewards is all wrong currently.

Boosts are another good, in theory, addition to the game. Again, rushed in without much thought or working out the mechanics of them. HUGE fail where they could have been fantastic.

Overall? I feel the company is lacking leadership. Whomever is coming up with these ideas does not get the right people involved in developing them before sending to code. They seem all rushed. “Here is an idea!” Then spend one or two meetings discussing then send a sketch to the developers… FAIL! They need a group who actually play the game to take some time to work them through. Take sanctuaries as an example. It would have only taken one white board meeting to see they do not progress at all. “Here are the DNA rewards per level, here are the interactions required to get to each level…” Hrmmmm…

Then, severe lack of QA. At least QA from gamers. Again, let’s look at a recent addition: Sanctuaries. How long would it have taken QA to find out that once you exit one sanctuary in the Alliance tab, it throws you back to the main screen? Once maybe? The addition of a back button might be called for here?

Then, the elephant in the room: Boosts. How obvious is it that they did absolutely zero gamer QA on this fiasco?


Normally I would find myself agreeing with pretty much everything you post Woodchuck, but not this time.

You say the balancing is great as you move up the arena.
That went when boosts arrived, and you say they were a potentially good idea! How could they be? Unless they were radically different and there were no speed boosts it would be impossible to have balance as it was the speed that balanced the whole game!

You make some good points, and there are indeed some good aspects to this game. But Ludia seem he’ll bent on destroying so much of what made the game so awesome. And I’m really not sure that it’s simply because they were rushed through as you put it. I’m utterly convinced it’s all down to money.

I am guessing you’re a glass half full type of guy, and that’s cool. I don’t want to pour scorn on your post which really does paint Ludia in a much brighter light than I think they deserve, but different opinions are certainly a good thing.


i’m not gonna write a book here, hahahahahaha!
i already posted so many… :confused:

but in fact i wish you people talk so much.
i can use this thread later as part of my argumentation when requesting full refund. :heart_eyes:


That is what I meant. They would have to be radically different. That is why I pointed to a lack of qualified QA and management of the project. Anyone actually playing to test it would have seen what a disaster they would be in their current form.

The idea of boosts is fine. I would have thought they would be an only at level 30 creature kind of thing. Once you get to end game, this is your option to progress as you cannot level anymore. Getting them by playing the game at lower levels so you have a “small” accumulation of them to put into a level 30. Perhaps a slow progression of adding them. Or something you “earned” once you hit level 25 creatures. There would be a way to earn a very small amount of them to increase ‘speed’ to avoid speed ties in the middle levels. One or two speed per creature max. There have been many suggestions. Anything but what we have now!

The company did start out with a great product. As it progressed, I think management changed and along with that, their goals for the game. JWA could still be a very fun, balanced game for all players. And it was that for most of that first year. The addition of boosts, in their current state, killed it. At least for me.


If the boosts were just going to be used by players who had reached the end of the game, they wouldn’t generate the money they do.
They could have easily made the dinos reach level 40 or even 50, but by adding boosts the audience would be much greater?

What I do agree with 100% is the fact that it was, and still could be again a wonderful game.


Im waiting until they realize the game is falling apart due to their way of doing things. Theyre not even on the top grossing page in the app store anymore XD


What are you trying to achieve asking such questions, to get me banned from the forums again?!


Going to be short and sweet for me in regards to this.
1)Graphics to the game is awesomely done. They definitely catch the realism with the use of textures and shadows
2) Arena is totally unbalanced and needs a lot of work to be done with it
3) Boosts although may have sounded great on paper, however lacking in execution. Should have thought about the ramifications first before implementing them. Should have gotten rid of the speed boost or scrapped boosts altogether. Although they decided to be cheeky with earning them.
4) Sanctuaries are probably the only thing that runs smoothly in this game. It is very easy to understand

Overall, this game has its pluses and minuses. Do I believe the leadership knows what they are doing? Personally I think they leave a lot to be desired.


my suggestion for ludia and jwa:

sell the game to another company take care of the project. :+1: