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What is your opinion of Ludia

To make money

Nobody is saying Ludia shouldn’t make money.

What is annoying me is the way they are doing it, with the addition of boosts which merely serve to get everyone having to spend money to keep up.

They knew all the players after level10 were not as likely to invest in incubators as they would be wise enough to realise they are way over priced. And the very seasoned players wouldn’t need them. So they came up with boosts to get the players who had stopped spending to start again.

In reality, we will all end up at the same point again when we’ve boosted everything. A brilliant money making ploy by Ludia, but what they forgot is that a game needs to have balance. That went when boosts came in. And with the loss of balance came an exodus of players, and matchmaking is the worst it’s ever been.

So I don’t deny that the aim of any company is to make money, but when the pursuit if that overtakes reason and gameplay, it will be a short lived success.


Good speach

I mean speech

They can handle their own problems they do not need us to help with that. If nobody plays the game than so be it. It is their problem. Nobody said you have to spend money on it it is just a game, and it is OK TO LOOSE SOMETIMES. Plus I am not a fan of boosts either but it is just a game. So the makers of the game can do as they wish. Even if that means nobody plays the game anymore.

When I began to play, I invested time and a lot of effort. Something I keept doing for months. My longing was to play a game from the beginning, building up a strategy and keep being active for years.

I thought the game was great, until introduction of Dracorex Gen 2.

From December 2018:

This was opening my eyes. Why having a common with swap-in-rampage that’s better than uniqes?

From that, the game went the wrong way. They started to support the ”dark side” of givning out easy tools to crush peoples hard work. Players bought this vision, and soon everyone was using it.

After that when givning us 1 free Attempt of Tenontorex and take it away:

With this happening, I understod they missed a long-term gameplan:

And with introductions of boosts in patch 1.7, I canceled my VIP and haven’t spend anything on the game.


I canceled mine as well and also stopped spending money. It’s unfortunate because I loved to play this game. Now I play very casually and I keep an eye on the game hoping it changes for the better


Once i unlock the last 4 creatures (pterovexus, Dioraja, Gemini, and Maxima), im canceling my vip


I don’t renew my VIP on till they change the boost
And the setup i win 4 or 5 and after it glitches or
Run out of times. After that they put some crazy teams again me and i will lose 6 to 10. You tell me that is random. I battle many times the same people to.i am
Posel to it is always the same dino every time. I battle
Sometimes 50 times in row that 50 times .I think that
i battle only 12 different dino. We have over 150 dino
Where they all are. They don’t exist. Some of my friends
Live the game. They said the game is not fun anymore
That change you made is so bad. Many can buy boost
… not everyone are able to buy … think the over 4500
League. The speed and boost and attack is crazy and you still sale.
I really don’t understand where you going with that.
I think some times you put to much on the higher league
I think you should think of others. My son ask me why ludia Change the game now he stop the game he thinks that ludia only looking to make money only. The game is you have money you go up no money you stay down.
Why you did that ludia.


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Ludia one thing you should do is remove the boost. And
Never sale it again. If you one boost let’s people win it.
Compensate all the people that spend for the boost .just
Think what will benefit all the people in all the leagues.
Ask every one what they think … make a servy to ask people what they think to improve the game. Ludia you
Should wake up because you are sleeping. Do something good for one. I hope that you read that and really think.


At this moment in time, if I were to express my feelings towards Ludia, I would be banned forever from these forums by the mods.

That is my opinion.


I wasn’t going to comment on this thread, as I feel that many others see my optimism and casual play approach as being a Ludia apologist. I’m not. I am with everyone that mistakes have been made but I still find the game massively enjoyable and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the next few years (hopefully longer).

However, I want to say that @Wwwoodchuck, I think you have hit the nail on the head here for the most part.

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Last night I watched Jurassic World again, and I have come to the conclusion that Ludia = Hoskins. Playerbase = Owen + the guests at the park.


Same as you, i really hate Ludia, worst money grabber companny of all the world, (except the design team, they do a really good job and it’s still one of the only good aspects of the game) but the management team sucks.
btw why Ludia have a community manager if they don’t care about the playerbase opinion and just want more ways to get money, even if that destroy the balance of all game?
sorry for my bad english btw


I think the same they really bad.
To day I battle over 50 times . I do that i am battling a computer. I do not think it people. People do mistake sometimes. 3 to 4 times that i win a few in row then
The screen go pink in the middle of a battle and it go to time out. After i go back to the battle and everything change. I do have counter to every dino that i place. It is
Always the same dino. I believe that ludia you control the game is no doubt. I am 100% sure that i battle computer.
Not people because people do mistake.

When I first saw the adds for this game I was thrilled. PoGo had a lot of issues, but the core idea was something I really liked, and now here was essentially ‘PoGo with dinosaurs’, it honestly felt like my dream game made real. Now I sit here, wishing with all my soul that any other company had been behind it other than Ludia. I hadn’t heard of Ludia before, but if I had I think that alone may have been enough to put me off starting this game. To say I despise Ludia for what they’ve done to this game is an understatement.


I really just wish they would sell the game to a company that wants to fix the bugs and problems in the game and create an overall enjoyable experience for their players. We can’t even get any communication from Ludia as to whats happening.


Every game has bugs and issues

You guys all keep saying the same things