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What is your playstyle?

I’m curious how other people play the game and what kind of decisions they make because of that and what goals you are working towards!
What kind of player are you? (I don’t know how to make a poll XD)

~PvP grinder
~Tournament grinder

Or a combination of course (please tell me if I have missed any!)
I myself am a combination of Collector and Raider and I really enjoy playing the game this way!

I am currently in low aviary with a lvl 21 team. I have around 10 unique now and am going for 4 more. As a collector I’m always out of coin but I think everyone shares that issue :joy:


im probably a tournament grinder and collector!


Casual - only play prehistoric creatures and the canon (movie) hybrids. I play weekly theme teams for the fun of it.

Collector - I want all the creatures unlocked even if I only level up and play the prehistoric’s and canon hybrids.


im also on aviary wit level 22 to 24 team

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Lucky i widh i can go unlock more then only sorna and the arena more…

Bit i lose too much again and again…

The casual one who plays primarily raids and strike towers, a bit of pvp, and usually not doing the best in tournies.

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I am a raider, collector and tournament grinder I would say (idk maybe my alliance mates would say that) but I definitely enjoy doing those raids and being the one that has that really good creature for those apex’s. While usually for raids I am the one being carried, I can sometimes be the one doing the carrying for others. I really do enjoy collecting the creatures of this game because 95% of them look FANTASTIC (others could do with a model update) and think that the ability’s each creature has are really cool and well thought of. I also love being able to play and mess around with these creatures in the tournaments and raids!

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