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What is your strongest dinosaur

Mine is quetzorion what are yours?


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this beauty right here :sauropod:


I presume that ankylocodon is tearing up the tournament this weekend


Erlidom with T13 attack, T10 HP, T2 speed. Can be used vs the critters it counters, or can be used for swap out tricks.

Mine is a tier boost 5,4,3 Indo Gen 2

She rarely disappoints:)

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mine’s indominus too. Don’t know why I spent so much of it to get indo, not making the same mistakes for erlidominus until its lvl 25 or above.


Ik my team is bad but yea

Or that

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This is mine, non boosted

Between Max and Gem.

Yup, she’s 3-0 several teams and she’s good against the stupid Procerats everywhere.

Yoshi/Indom. They both crush the competition

I was told to ditch it for tryko so it’s not gonna stay like this for long

^ I’d hold off for a bit and see what potential changes are coming to Thor and Trykosaurus, if there are any. In my own experience, my Thor trashes most Trykosaurus’ it’s up against. But then again, it’s heavily boosted of course.

If we’re talking pure stats, Thor is my “strongest”, but Indo is my overall best

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