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What is your team and where are you in the tournament?

These are my guys:


I had Edapho in the place of the Rhino for a while, but when I started progressing Edapho was of little to no use. Besides, the rhino is a good troll.

Allo G2 and Diplo cuz… Allo G2 and Diplo. Do I need to explain?

Gamma and Blue to take on Indom G2, and Blue taking on other stunners, and get this; most of the time when I opened with Blue they started with Indom G2 and used Cloak.

Sarco and Thyla cuz, at least to me, best epic hybrids.

And Porky due to versatility.

I made it to the top 50 with this squad. How about your team and your standings?

Haast Eagle cuz BIRD UP
Rixis for stun spam/close
Boa for close
Rhino cuz trolololo
Gamma cuz he destroys anything without resil/stun ( this part is actually true)
Nemys cuz he’s thicc

I got to 87 this morning but am about 580 now

Allo gen 2 because of the turn 1
Sarco because it’s the best epic in the tournament
Indom gen 2 because it’s probably #2
Woolly rhino and stegocera for stunning strike
Thylac for tanks
Chops for sarco and speed
Brontolasmus for the 2 rampages and beefyness

allo2, thylo, rixis, the snek, stegocera, patatosaurus, indom2, and the turtle tortoise.