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What is your top 10 dinos on 2.7 update?

Tittle says it all

Here’s mine:

1- Geminititan
2- Ceramagnus
3- Grypolyth
4- Monolorhino
5- Magna
6- Skoonasaurus
7- Hadros Lux
8- Tenontorex
9- Mortem Rex
10- Mammolania

Honorable mentions to Tryko and Spyx.

What is your top 10? :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember this is just my personal opinion, a library player.

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Poor Max. You will be remembered…


As a fellow Library player, my opinion is this:
1: Ceramagnus
2: Hadros Lux
3: Mortem Rex
4: Monolorhino
5: Geminititan
6: Skoonasaurus
7: Gorgotrebax
8: Grypolyth
9: Smilonemys
10: Compsocaulus

The Apexes are a clear step above everything else (except Gorgotrebax and Refrenantem, the former still being very powerful) and other than that there isn’t much that comes even close to them.


someone keep updating this and we can discuss about why each creature are used and what stood out

  1. Ceramagnus
  2. Hadros lux
  3. Mortem Rex
  4. Tenotorex
  5. Gemini
  6. Magna
  7. Skoona
  8. Tryko
  9. Smilonemys
  10. Mrhino

Honorable mentions: (11. Maxima 12. Grypo 13. Compsocaulus)

This just my opinion as also a fellow library player.


Max had its days :laughing::laughing:

Sooo my opinion will be slightly different, as I’m a high aviary/low library player and get some different dinos but yeah:

1: Lux
2: Magnus
3: Gem
4: Morty
5: Mlania
6: Mrhino
7: Tenrex
8: Grypo
9: Tryko
10: Spyx

Noteworthy: I don’t see much skoona, compsocaulus, dodocevia, trebax, or nemys so i can’t properly judge their performance

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This is based on things my friends said but:

  1. Cera
  2. Lux
  3. Tenontorex
  4. Mortem
  5. Skoona
  6. Gemini
  7. Magna
  8. Tryko
  9. Monolorhino
  10. Compsocaulus(10 because it hasn’t rly been out for that long. People might think it should be higher on this list but idk it’s too early for me to judge)
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Honestly lux and magus might switch places the more I think about it.

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This picture sums up my number 1 against a 26 boosted Spyx by the way.



From what I know, here’s my list:

  1. Ceramagnus
  2. Hadros Lux
  3. Skoonasaurus (Got buffed in 2.7, now probably better than the other unique sauropods)
  4. Tenontorex
  5. Mortem Rex
  6. Geminititan
  7. Mammolania
  8. Monolorhino
  9. Testacornibus
  10. Trykosaurus

Honestly, Ceramagnus is plain broken. It deserves its own tier, one above tyrant. IMO Magnapyritor and Testacornibus are tyrant material, and Diorajasaur and Erlikospyx are only High Elite.

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1- Erlikospyx
2- Compsocaulus
3- Geminititan
4- Hadros Lux
5- Magnapyritor
6- Gorgotrebax
7- Spinoconstrictor
8- Trykosaurus
9- Utarinex
10- Diorajasaur

This is mine as a Shores player

  1. Spyx
  2. Spyx
  3. Dio
  4. Spyx
  5. Magnus
    6: Hadros
  6. Mortem
  7. Mrhino
  8. CompyC
  9. Dodocevia
    Honorable mentions: Spyx and Dio
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Why you say so?

What about Spyx? You haven’t mentioned it on your list, thought you would

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Flocks are a pain if you don’t have any group attack hybrids

Lux is better 1v1, and magnus really only is thought more op due to its swap in. But on paper and in practice i find lux way more of a problem.

1 Magnus
2 Lux
3 MRhino
4/5 Skoona/Compso (Both are kind of iffy for me)
6 Mortem
7 Gem
8 Gorgo
9 Spyx
10 Tryko/TenRex/Thor/Magna

This is based off of my recent arena experience and the last tournament

Ya put rhino down their like near spxs, and just move spxs out. Especially after this last tournament nobody was using it from what I saw, and even those who did never lasted long. Rhino is good but in terms of 1v1s it’s easily taken care of by skoona, tryko, Gemini, maxima, tenotorex, magna, venator, rinex. The swap in does give it team synergy but not that much. How ever it is surprising good against flocks.

Thor is also definitely not top ten, the tournament showed exactly how much it sucks……I mean it can’t even beat the flipping turtle. A TURTLE!

Can’t beat any of the towers, can’t beat any of the speedsters, heck it can barely deal with resilient creatures. (Also talking about uniques not like legendaries and such)