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What is your top 10 dinos on 2.7 update?

Unboosted =/= arena. Its entirely different scenerios. The op didn’t say whether it’s 1 thing or the other.

If we are talking in an environment where boosts matter then

1.) Magnus
2.) Hadro lux
3.) Skoona
4.) Mrhino
5.) Dodocevia
6.) Mortem Rex
7.) Compsocaulus
8.) Gemini
9.) Acrocanthrops
10.) Mlania

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I meant that in the sense of a boosted environment, since it can do pretty well in arena given its niche as a rhino killer/diet Mortem/chomp and swap meta, as well as I felt it was tied with the other 3 I put there. If we go by tourneys, yeah it sucks.

MRhino I put so high since it has some incredible team synergy and can be pretty hard to kill without certain creatures (like the aforementioned Thor). Going by the recent tourney I can understand why you’d say lower, but boosted it becomes pretty awesome.

compsognathus Gen 1 is my favourite out of all dinosaurs at the moment. It’s a beast!

My second favourite is testacornibus, it actually has some nice matchups against the apex’s so it’s doing better for me now than it was BEFORE apex’s were around because dinos that would normally mess me up like ardent, gemi, magna & dioraja are being replaced