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What is your Warriors of Waterdeep name?

:dragon::closed_book:Adventurers :closed_book::dragon:

Use your initials & comment with your Warriors of Waterdeep name!

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Naomlen Longbow. :bow_and_arrow:

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Nel prossimo aggiornamento perché non mettete il pvp così da poter sfidare gli amici.Diminuire il livello dei motori perché se no non posso andare avanti perché io ho i personaggi di livello 5 e i mostri sono di livello 7 in su e io non so come andare avanti potete risolvere questi problemi grazie

Translated From Italian

In the next update why don’t you put the pvp so you can challenge your friends. Decrease the level of the engines because otherwise I can’t go on because I have the level 5 characters and the monsters are level 7 up and I don’t know how to go on you can solve these problems thanks

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

Javelin Jaw.:oden::shark:
Not sure about that, sounds cool but does not make much sense.

Doppelganger owlbear. Man I must be worth a lot of XP

Doppelgänger Paladin.

Rather than simply being a monster pretending to be a paladin that he killed, I like the notion of a monster that decided to become a holy fighter that stands up to defend the weak and helpless. :dagger:

Yes, like many others I am waiting for October and prestige level 11.

Does this topic have any importance to any future updates or it’s just another random post

Cheesy cheesy enchiladas