What is your weakest days hunting?


Despite living above shops and walking for 2 hours I’ve seen only a rare Triceratops and 2 echo’s everything else just commons.

Anyone had a worse day playing?


Dont know but i know end game is hunt 24/7 comons for feed legendaries and uniques


Probably my trip to London. Not sure if it’s a common occurrence, but all I found there were commons and ‘common’ rares like Dimetrodon. The train journey over there yielded better dinos.


alot of days in Manhattan is commons


I was in London a month ago for a day out and nearly everything I saw was a common rarity. One or two rares and that was it.


My hunting session some days ago in Milan same commons that are in my little periphery suburban city … :sob:
Al least there were a lot of parks to choose the right dino that I wanted to hunt for the park event …