What Item abilty can cause a target to be stunned for 4+ rounds

I haven’t experienced this before. My barbarian was stunned for almost an entire battle and couldn’t even use its retaliation ability. It could do absolutely nothing.

I am not talking about held or charmed. It is the condition where you have the little circle above your head and you appear dazed.


maybe this Wizard’s legendary hood.

Thanks. I am pretty sure I fought someone who had that maxed out. My barbarian died “death by 1000 cuts” and couldn’t do anything about it,even though they used taunt (with retaliate) before it happened.

The Barbarian and Fighter are main targets for stun due to the counter attack. Wizard doesn’t get 3 turn stun until Level 4 legendary so shouldn’t see it too much. I sometimes use the Cleric Silverhand with Stun even though the Epic will probably always be best weapon just for some variety and have sometimes kept someone stunned longer that way.