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What just happened in battle

Gosh I‘m so annoyed of these bugs…

Had a battle. I opened with Tenontorex, opponent went in with Tryko. Tryko crittet five times, killed Tenonto and got finished by Erlidom lvl 21.
Opponent pulls out lvl 23 Erlidom; I use rampage and damage it and opponent kills mine.
I choose lvl 21 Diloracheirus; opponent uses hit‘n run and swaps to Monostego. I use SS, Stunning Rampage that works and kill Mono with Rampage and Run. Then I swap into Dioraja.

Opponent now chooses lvl 23 Tryo. I go for Distracting Impact, opponent uses RTC. In next move, I use base attack praying that Tryo won‘t crit. It didn‘t crit, leaving Dioraja with 70+ hp left. I now damaged Tryo with counter and basic attack (for some reason the ferocious effect was already gone).

My plan now was to use instant invincibility, cuz Tryo had only API left that wouldn‘t go thru shield and Tryo would‘ve died thru counter attack.

But when it came to this point, the game suddenly told me I would‘ve lost with only 1:3??
Jeez what just happened her? I lost trophies and received only one point for daily battle incubator?

Anyone else who had this?

This is an old and well known bug…

Also, if you just got dioraja, the swap in ferocity only lasts one turn, always has, even though the description says two turns.

Oh great I restartet and now it showed me I lost this game 2:3. I bet that because of that glitch or bug I went afk and my lucky opponent used this to win the battle.
Jeez so annoyed right now… :sweat_smile:

But what‘s the sense behind ferocious then if it only lasts one turn?

Good question. I figure it’s just another Ludia mistake that may eventually get fixed. I’m hoping they make dioraja better anyway… I still use it though. Permanent place on my top team. Good stegod counter.

if you notice this happening, quickly shutdown app and restart it. if it loads back in fast enough, you can finish the battle. but yes, it is EXTREMELY annoying

I have these guys dead to rights, the fight is basically over but somehow the games freezes or logs me out and by the time I get back is to late :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: is it a hack? Is it rig ?