What just happened


Okay I’m in lockdown and really only have level 13-14 Dino’s. Just played a game where the person had all level 22 Dino’s! Why was I even matched up with that?


Sounds like you fought one of the Arena bots that Ludia uses when the game population is down. I’ve fought plenty of them. It’s nothing big, and you get used to it after awhile.


Could well be someone who’s purposely lost to drop down divisions to farm a particular Arena exclusive dinosaur.

Match up is based on trophies, not dinosaur levels.


True, but if pop count was low when jrmay24 accessed the arena, it would have assigned a bot most likely… a bot with the same trophy count.

A bot with bionically enhanced cyborg killer dinos.

LOL move along, There’s nothing to see here…


Yeah, if they were all level 22 it sounds like a bot.