What keeps us around

Ludia, we spend a lot of time on these forums talking about what we don’t like. While this is important, we don’t spend much time talking about what we like about the game. So let’s hear it. What keeps you from deleting the app?

For me, it’s mostly Strike Towers and Event Dinos at this point. Very rarely am I able to find the components I need just walking around, so the above stated are currently the best things about the game. Alliances are a close third as I do like the comraderie. Daily missions have a lot of potential, but I’m currently burnt out on the current rewards. So there it is Ludia, this is what keeps me playing.


First, I’ve always like dinosaurs, ever since I was a little kid maaany years ago :joy: second and probably the main factor… the amount of time and money I have spent already. lol

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A question thats becoming increasing difficult to answer,

The dino’s number 1
The people number 2
The hope it will get better number 3




Almost the same, but my number 1 answer would be the people. If it wasn’t for my alliance and the MH community I would have lost hope long ago. I still hope it will get better though.


Yeah the banter is amazing,
I cant stay off of the mh discord…

Usually to go on a tangent about how good tuora is…but you know it is :joy::joy:

I stick around for the free chips and salsa.

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Just because battles give me sighs and infuriating reactions doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the game. I like it when I see something glowing and yellow on the map. I like dinos in general, since I was a kid. I like collecting them, I like the artwork and animations in the game and always enjoy new ones being added every patch. Cenozoics too!

I don’t play anymore.
But I visit the forums strictly because it’s entertaining.

I’m really looking forward to the next post from Ludia.
Its just hilarious how they paint them self into a corner.
For every post they make the game just takes another bad hit :joy:

They will never be able to fix this, sadly that’s a fact. But very entertaining.

They had a chance on the last rollback, but messed it up badly as always.
Always to greedy and incompetent.

So give me a new post Ludia, can’t wait :joy::joy:

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I need something to do when I poop


I came here to catch and collect dinosaurs. I play the Arena for the incubators. For me it’s just about getting out of the house and collecting something I love.


My alliance. Theyve been with me since the realease of alliances and i cant abandon them. Collecting dinos is a pain with the screwed spawns and over lapping events. Battling in the arena was my favorite part but now i hate it.

If it weren’t for alliances I would have quit a long time ago, even before this whole mess.

I like the catching part still but the main reason I stay is the alliance missions. I like the working as a team to see how fast we can do them. We finished yesterday so waiting till Monday again.

Habit. That’s about it.



The hope that someday soon they’ll see boosts as the giant mistake they are and will reverse course.


their accountants will disagree with that premise, i suspect.

I don’t think they’ll get ride of boosts but I hope I am wrong. They have already tried downplaying the incident by saying not many got the unlimited ones. If they know how many did I don’t know why they haven’t refunded everyone, removed the boosts and either work on them or get ride of them. Buy not doing this yet it would appear they have know idea of the impact yet or how many actually got them.

If they do return I think there should be no speed boost. Only attack and health, not available through paying. Only available through daily incubators or event incubators.


Here for the creatures. My alliance of previously level 1 players who I’ve watched level up over time. The areana to collect my incubators. The strike towers. There are issues but I’ll wait until they are fixed. As I’ve mentioned on other threads before… What will happen to the players if ludia decides to end the game