What keeps you going?

What keeps you playing this game? Whats your drawl as a long term player?

Been playing this game fairly steady for a little chunk now. I feel like my main drive in this game has always been collecting and unlocking. Never really cared about getting “stronger dino’s” per say and or getting lvl 40’s of every creature, not that I wouldnt like to but it seems like such a grind. At current pace getting enough DNA even just for 1 lvl 40 of everything would take quite a while let alone building a solid team with some depth and how much DNA would be wasted on useless creatures in the end.

I’ve done most collecting and unlocking with just a few things left to tick off, (Ceno’s) and I’m losing a bit of steam. Not even burnt out like in the past as I haven’t been playing much so just losing motivation in general. Simply adding more and more of the same creatures just isn’t doing it for me.

So what keeps you grinding it out?


Well, for me I play this game for entertainment and because I like dinosaurs and none of my friends really like the game or even dinosaurs and that is also why I joined ludia forums to talk to people who like the same thing I like. Also this game can help with stress relieving from school, the effects of the pandemic and from many other things. Well this game caaann sometimes get annoying with the bugs, the matchmaking in tournaments, etc.
Basically what keeps me going is that I/we can collect dinosaurs and feed them… It just feels good to max up a dino and feed it also to see it win.


i agree. I set tiny goals for myself and when i beat them, i set slightly harder ones. For example, i beat a goal today that i made myself a few months ago, and i finally did it. It was to get in dom for a tourney. Now i set for myself the goal of owning 7 tourney creatures from unlock, i have edestus, kentro, darwinopterus (after i complete cot), segno. My goal is 7 but to finish that in 2 months, meaning i need to get another dom win.
Edit: the reason why i need 1 more dom win is so i get 5 tourney creatures, and i can get the other two over the months from cot


Yes beating/completing the goals you set for yourself just gives you that little fuel to continue doing what we do.


Right now I think it’s creating Indo, but not rushing it. Honestly once that’s done I think it’ll be the missions. After those are complete, probably the badges. I don’t think there will be much left after those are done. That’s when this game will probably go into cruise control and I’ll probably just play to get new creatures.

Of course I say this now, but I know how I am and I doubt I’ll be able to do that, lol.


Pachyrhino, I’m nearing the end of my run.


I’m questioning this very topic in my mind for quite a long time and can’t help to ask myself this one: “Yeah, let’s say I’ve got a shiny and colorful roster with high level dinos of all kinds. So what?”

Where do I use them in other than the monotonous daily events? I won’t even be able to use them in the tourneys 'cause the trophy counts drop down drastically as they go mental in terms of power. So? There is nothing left much to do except visting their paddocks and inspect them in detail.

I’m afraid we all should confess this to ourselves: This game is a game that looks like it has variety but the truth is the opposite: It is self-repeating by all means. Save-unlock-spend-repeat. And own as many as you can. We are all hoarders here. Seeking for a logic behind that is nothing but a futile effort imo. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’m looking for a squad with gorgeous looking high end dinos crowned with Indoraptors. I wanna stare at their fancy pics in the battle menu. That’s all. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I would add so many other fancy things if I were in the dev team, that’s another story. :thought_balloon:


Like I said before, I like all the creatures and maxing them out would certainly be nice but wow what a task. Players been playing this game for years and years with a park full of dino’s levels and levels above mine and they are not there yet.

Guess I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of it.

Not to mention my internet has not been the best since we moved which can make it annoying getting into the game at times. I haven’t been able to get on since this morning which doesn’t help things. Plus my schedule has changed and I haven’t been able to play at all during the day and haven’t been able to buy a single creature at discount for months. It all adds up and I start to question when I might end up just throwing in the towel even if just for a bit.


Agreed, same on my side


What keeps me going is the fact I can slowly but surely build a good team for Dom, and get my favourite creatures. It is truly a stress reliever from the week’s events


For me, what keeps me going is setting personal goals. I don’t push to complete every event, and if I do it is mainly for the COT unlock. But I’m selective in what events I participate in, and I rarely participate in Boss events in light of prizes offered not being worth the time and resources. The biggest demotivating factor in this game that I have to overcome with personal goals is the prize wheel (see picture from VIP tournament spin). And right now I am thinking about not renewing my VIP membership because of that. So, if it weren’t for personal goals I wouldn’t continue with this game.


I personnaly set myself goal, try and become better, but I dont over do it, I sometime even skip tournament

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Personally one of my main goals is to max every one of the tournament creatures, which will keep me busy for a while.

Alongside that is to add more tourney hybrids to build on my top rosters. Not just jurassics but aquatics and cenozoics.

With this there really is no end goal, setting an end goal would sort of take the fun out of the game for me, the way I currently play there is no end just improvement.


This is a personal question for each player for which there could be infinite answers to. There are a handful of canned answer though.

  • There is the completionism side of things: missions, park levels, creature unlocks, creature leveled to 40, park expansions, probably more I haven’t listed.
  • There is the events side of things: daily events, special events, tournaments, and being able to do these at will regardless of the combination. Two tournaments no problem I have the depth type approach.
  • Then there is the community, which kind of boils down to this forum plus however that manifests itself for each player. It could be sharing the game with their kids or friends as well.

For me personally, JWTG has become part of my daily routine as I strive to reach the last of my overarching goals of having every creature at level 40 and still be able to complete all of the events. This goal split into two individual goals where one is pursued over the other is much easier than the combined approach. But if it was easy, I would get bored quite quickly, so I march forward day by day towards that goal. Ludia is also really good at continuing to move the goal posts on me by releasing new creatures but eventually I will get there. Once there I hope to get to a place where I can easily stay there meaning as Ludia releases new creatures I can instantly retain that place of having all creatures at level 40 by having a large enough reserve of resources to complete any additions on the spot.


@Sionsith pretty much hit the nail on the head. Ludia is pretty okay at moving the goalposts. This never gives me the feeling like I’m reaching the end of the game.

Plus since I’ve been playing since launch I’ve been able to see the new stuff, the ups, the downs, and how things have changed. It’s a commitment at this point lol.


I really had to think about this one for some time. Obviously I play the game and do the grind for dinos and I enjoy doing so. But if you think about it the game is very repetitive, more dinos, buy more dinos, battle style is the same, etc. In the end I think what really keeps me going is seeing people on the forums that have accumulated lots of resources. Like 300,000 db or 1 million plus DNA. Now most of these people are VIPs, and I’m not but I think to myself, if these people can do it so can I.


To be honest I’m glad missing out those tournament unlocks so at least I can have a lot of goals to look forward to :crazy_face:

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It is really addictive, or should I say seductive?

I started off with the goal of having every dinosaur at level 40, so that is always my main focus.

Then I realised that I need to fight battles to unlock dinos, so I started taking part in the PvEs where I could unlock them.

Then I came to know that some can only be unlocked at tournaments, which I kept avoiding. I was happy getting the hatchling league prize without having to do anything!
To unlock the tournament dinosaurs, I started grinding through the tournament.
I was really stressed out in the initial couple of tournaments, since my roster isn’t too big and I had to spend DBs on cooldowns.
Then I found out about the FMF model and it made the fights a lot more enjoyable and I saved a lot of DBs that I otherwise used for cooldowns.

The FMF model also helped me tackle the VIP Golden Rewards pack which involved land dinosaur battles, which I used to find too tough due to my poorly balanced Roster.

Then I started doing as many daily events as I could because I wanted to rack up those LPs.

Now I’ve started actively working on getting better trades in the trade harbour.

Essentially, it’s been a slow burn kind of thing that got me to do more and more in the game.

My overall goal is still the same - get all the dinosaurs at level 40. However, I enjoy all aspects of the game and love calculating what I need to balance my roster and what is the fastest way to hatch my ever-growing backlog of dinosaurs!


Interesting question this is only one game on phone i really play daily
(I always left other games after few days or few hours)

ofcorse main reason is i love dinosaurs. but there is more LIKE

No ending -I hate todays games even they had amazing graphic, but they are too short snd i love games which stay for some time, so i dont have problem that game is infinity i am still enjoying grind, maxing, unlocking new creatures etc

No pay to win game: this game is only one i know on phone that isnt pay to win, if you spend some time and work on this game and really play it you can get strong creatures strong lineups with out paying high money + you can get also some vip creatures as non vip

Great vip features for a solid price: Vip membership price is really nice and dont cost too much

Game comunity and friendship - peple there on forum and on fb are great comunnity and i am happy i can be there and most of people a can call friends

Part of life: this game just become part of my life, events tournaments, leveling, community (forum, fb group), creating som,some datas which i need in excel, etc

so, I just hope i said all :smiley:


Does Dinosaur Nerd answer your question? :rofl: I’m just kidding. I like that the game is simple and it’s not too hard to learn how to play it. Also, I like dinosaurs and prehistoric stuff.