What keeps you in the game?

So, with so much complaining and so much to justifiably complain about, what is it that keeps you playing? what stops you just deleting the game like so many seem to be doing recently?

i toy with the idea to various degrees each day. refuse to spend another cent on the game so waiting for the inevitable fall back. My team keeps my enthused. they’re a good crew.

but today i struggled to even get my daily incubator. AI failed/timed out EVERY SINGLE TIME. and when i got a match i was against teams of lvl 30’s pretty much. managed to get my incubator after many battles and time wasted. seems each day brings a new nail in the coffin.

so, what keeps you playing? hehehe

The hunt. Also making my team stronger for eventual victories and trophy gains.

Being a fan of all the Jurassic Park/World movies, and being a member of Sand Dunes, one of the best alliances in JWA.


Pure habit is pretty much what keeps me going. Being reminded of a childhood love for dinosaurs once again, so some nostalgia is another reason why I keep going. Lastly, it kills time while on the bus to go to college.


yeah its definitely a good time killer. except when ur left with insane frustrations lol.


My alliance. Working and playing together is the main reason for me to play, hunt, dart and battle.

I just leveled my Utarinex, Indoraptor and Thor. But instead of climbing up due to a better team I just dropped 200 more trophies. I guess Ludia is the only one punishing u for progressing.

The spawns are terrible. I barely see epics, sometimes only 1-2 a week (wild spawns). The events are bad, only two epic towers that makes it more uninteresting.

Boosts (Speed) and horrible matchmaking made it worse. I don‘t even care about my trophies anymore. I once stood at 5200 with a ‚weaker‘ team and now after upgrading I fall even more.

But I care about my alliance. It‘s really funny to play and hunt and battle together. These guys keep ke in this game and I do my max for them…or us. :wink:

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This is going to take some highly intense formulas for me to figure out, and I doubt I’ll come to a conclusion.

@deepwrinkle:clap::clap::clap:!!! Hahaha


Dinosaurs. I love them and the game let’s me indulge that.

It gets me out and about. I’ve got out walking now more than I ever have. I wasn’t this active even during the two years I played PoGo.

I want to collect all the dinosaurs (I don’t care for the non canon hybrids). I’ve set myself the goal of leveling them all to 20th.

Because even with the issues I genuinely enjoy the game. Nothing has been so bad that I’ve ever contemplated deleting the game.

Did I mention dinosaurs? :t_rex::sauropod:


Gets me out, collecting every dino in the game, and just loving dinos in general.

If i unlock everything and they still have issues fixing arena, thats when i might cancel my vip


My Little Brother really keeps me in the game, If he didn’t love dinosaurs as much as he did I probably would’ve been left but I’m here for him. Other than that, I’ve dumped way too much resources into this game (both time and money) so I wouldn’t want all that to go to waste. Also some of the hybrid designs look really cool, I especially love Postimetrodon’s design.


What is it that keeps me playing this game?
Frankly, I must say…
90% b/c i love dinosaurs since i was child and i’m a fan of the movie
10% graphic, design & movement of the dinos in this game

Because this game not fun & fair like when i’m playing at first, this game change itself from PLAY TO WIN to PAY TO WIN. Many many many bugs and connection error was not fixed or improved (no compensation for player too)

latest event mostly UNFAIR

  1. Montreal event was one good example, your game was worldwide playing but you have one special place of event.
  2. The Red money box this week that reappeared every 15 minutes, first it sound great but playing this real you will found that in some place you can find 3-4 red boxes around you by the way sometime i’m driving for 20 minutes without seeing any of those red box. And i think that this event make the cheater (who use fake GPS) have a lot more advantages than other fair players
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Im a big jurassic park/world fan, enjoyed every movie despite critics (some reasonable) and love dinosaurs.
My goal is to “catch em all” (3 uniques away from the current list) and eventually level them all to 30, starting with my team.
Im not playing to be the best so i dont care if I drop arena, i do give the frustrated grunt when I loss of course but all i care about is the incubators, not the playerboard.
So since i play for fun, my team consists on the strongest of my two favourite dinosaur family (Spino and Raptors) regardless its a balanced team or not.

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Unlocking all dinosaurs I still have 10 to go.

you have to love it or divorce it…


Also curious as to what new creatures they bring out every update :slight_smile:

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What keeps you in the game???

The TIME i have invested and the Potential of the game.

But seriously… HOPE