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What kind of bad joke is this?

It‘s no news that Ludia‘s matchmaking mechanics are a desaster, but this is another level. Since yesterday, I am only looking for one freaking fair fight!!

Why can‘t I meet opponents with equal team levels? Why do I have to serve as an easy free ticket for others to „earn“ trophies?

I met this opponent at 865 trophies. My „highscore“. This is such a joke.

I‘m so sick of it. Now I have to rely on RNG to get one fair fight or what.

Hope you guys are doing better in tournament. I really miss the times when you could earn 1000 trophies with a 20 team by getting fair and balanced fights. But just like many other things in the game, Ludia just couldn‘t resist to also turn this into a catastrophy. But of course, their attention and focus lie on introducing some new badges and emojis and stuff oh and tasks that require VIP and are impossible without it.

Hell no. I won‘t pay one cent for it. I really wish I could enjoy tournaments again just like in the early times, I wish it was worth levelling and upgrading teams. But atm, scenes like these make me just turn off my phone or switch to another game.


I was getting fairly even matches… Then suddenly I was up against level 30s and boosted dinos for a few matches. Then after that, I went straight back up in the rankings with even matches again.

Pretty sure we faced the same Kelenken, too.

Tournament MM is based on ranks, not team power.


If it makes you feel any better, I played today for the past hour and I am barely breaking 700 as my “high score” because I seem to be fighting many of the same players you are. So it’s literally junk everywhere.

It’s an advantage tourney…you can face any level dino at any trophy level


You need to level up and boost your dinos for Advantage tournaments.
As time goes on, the levels and boosts will increase.
Not sure why you were expecting L20’s at 800 trophies.
This is nothing.
Wait 6 months.


This… even more so as more and more players move towards building Dino’s for tourneys.

If I was a new player I’d build a tourney teams first and use those winnings to build out your arena teams since they are more affected by meta changes and tourney Dino’s tend to give more bang for your buck over the long term.



Once you get around 1000 trophies, you’ll start running into some real monsters.

As said before, this is an advantage tournament, you can run into pretty much anything. At around 800 you’re going to face people that are normally in library. So its not surprising that have some higher leveled and boosted commons/ rares.

I’m sorry this happened to you… unfortunately you’re far from the only one. They need losses to award wins. Just like a slot machine…

i,m sorry the prizes are crap…you need to spend to get ateam tat can win but where is the value? there is none comon dna you win whoopdie friggen do :stuck_out_tongue: the skills ournies are where the money is and then its whoever is btter or builds the better team…i hate it cause i suck but its alot fairer on everyone.
so yeha you are gouing to get monsters you are going to get weaker opponents suck it up get up and keep punchin :stuck_out_tongue: