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What kind of bs is this

i’d seriously like to see someone beat this.

Oooo that is nasty. And un winnable unless the opponent locks into a boss type rhythm that allows you to block and reserve. I thought mine was nasty which was a level 40 Pachygalosaurus.

My guess is you have some high level carnivores? That would be a reason for driving up this battle difficulty even though it is only looking at your Herbivores.

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What is your best overall dino, not just herbivore? I’ve gotten matchups like this in the past when one of my classes lagged behind the rest and an unfortunate “use only” battle appeared.


I could not find a boss type rhythm with this one

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Some folks on FB are saying that this event will fall into the boss rhythm as long as you approach it that way.

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Same here, but I took him down by putting up two meat shields in front of a Segnosuchus. 8 attack points later and he was toast.


I basically did the same and took him out with a level 20 Segnosuchus.

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Me too, my opponent was a lvl 30 Pachygalosaurus and I took him out with a lvl 40 Eolambia in the 2nd slot. It took a little while but it worked because he acted like a boss.


Thank you brother. I used a LVL 20 Apatosaurus and defeated him.


I got a boss rhythm on my last battle which would have been impossible otherwise, it took a good 20 gos back and forth to bring the health down. I think it stuck on 3 hits so if you have 3 blocks on your 2nd creature its possible.

oops too late to this party

My highest lvl can not kill it with 8 full attack I would need 6+8 it is total rubbish, I can not even win special VIP battles any more . Why than I play this game and pay for VIP ???

Your creature lineup is horribly out of balance. You have got to get some herbivores that can play with your top level creatures. I’m assuming that there’s nothing higher in ferocity than the level 10 Indoraptors and that you only have two of them. The AI is picking opponents for most PVE events based on (presumably) your top three creatures, which appear to be three very high ferocity carnivores. This is not a problem that will go away on it’s own. Your choices, assuming you want to win most PVE, are to spend a ton of time, resources, and/or real money to bring balance to your lineup or chop off the top.

Some light reading to better explain things, courtesy of @Sionsith. (2 separate but related posts)

The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :)

It is possible that treating the single carnivore as a boss creature MIGHT allow you to whittle it down enough to kill it.

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I totally agree with @Andy_wan_kenobi, you can easily win the first fight by using the “boss” strategy.
Your lineup seems to be unbalanced indeed, you clearly have to work on that, but I can’t see why you should not be able to win the battles that you showed to us.

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They do this because you are on such a high battle stage that is what they base it on

Has zero to do with what battle stage you are on.


O.K my guy

Than why is he versing things that are at the lvl of his best things. I did not and i am on 33

And have a spinoraptor at 40

That event is based on his highest creatures and he has Indoraptors that are creating the miss match. Has nothing to do with what battle stage you are on.