What kind of Bull ony is this

I pay for ViP and because I am maxed out on everything to collect I spin many supply drops and get nothing. I am sorry but you should never get absolutely nothing in supply drops when you are paying monthly


If you maxed out everything, you will only get Darts. But I will agree with you about getting nothing after spinning a Supply Drop. I didn’t get anything from Supply Drops after I maxed out.

Happen to me too

They need to fix it for ViP members to change all the drops to darts after you maxed out everything! I guarantee they can do this

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Why only for VIP?

This must be just for you, no one has had this happen b4.

It happens to me all the time after I max everything out. Sometimes even several empty spins in a row. Non-VIP.

No one had this before 1.8.

Happened to me last weekend. I was a passenger in a car so spinning every supply drop I could. I maxed out on everything, but instead of getting darts on every supply drop after maxing out more often than not the supply drop gave me nothing.

This? I do this everyday. But before you even max out everything sometimes you don’t get darts. It’s gotten worse since the latest update it seems for some reason or you get few darts.

I feel you should always get darts but then again if we did people probably wouldn’t be buying them from the store lol I have never and will never purchase darts.

The reason we are seeing empty drops more since 1.8 is because they nerfed the supplies given by supply drops when they added the sanctuary items. Why they felt they needed to nerf anything is beyond me.

But of course they still haven’t listened and done anything about it.

I think the real issue is the way stops pay out rewards… when you spin a stop it does a few rolls and decides how many items your going to get then what itens your going to get. Only then does it check to see if youve reached your limit. Since there are so many more items to get that have low limits its a much higher chance to get a nothing supply depot… cause technically your not getting nothing… your getting food, play, common scents, hard cash, coins… but your at your limit.

When you reach your limit it should be removed from the table of rewards but Ludia doesnt wanna unbalance arena with all those extra darts. Even if it would turn into people buying more scents.

Sorry :neutral_face:! For everyone!!

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Disappointed that there was no bull I had a new Google tab open with various bulls and everything…

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Actually I did refrain from using the full word as the forum filter would go crazy! It comes from a bulls rearend

I edited the title to avoid confusion