What kind of epic dinosaurs do you dislike the most(be honest)

Hybrids are allowed but no bosses please

I will start:

Megalotops and ovilophosaurus

They are just too overpowered with ovilophosaurus having a ridiculously insta crit attack

And megalotops? Its just annoying, Stun and distraction Mixed together that’s how this creature was created

I also have another epic i hate… it’s the Dakotaraptor

Literally why does it have two rampage attacks that does not make sense


Brontolasmus being the same rarity but having 2 rampages and an impact:


Prob thyla in arena because on one of my accs I’m in depot and face pros with thyla and I use it on my stuff but kind of hard to face but monolorhino wrecks it


Aquilamimus- Horrible design, no real purpose in arena

Woolly Rhinoceros. Swap-in damage is just ridiculous.

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So, what’s next?

What kind of rare dinosaurs do you dislike the most?
What kind of legendary dinosaurs do you dislike the most?
What kind of unique dinosaurs do you dislike the most?
What kind of apex dinosaurs do you dislike the most?



Argenteryx (idk if I spelled that right)

I don’t like rixis

Depends on the day. Rhino, Argenteryx, and Megalotops.

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But I still kinda luv thyla but megalotops in a few cases

Megalotops and Sacrorixis

Okay now megalotops is the worst

Thyla is pretty good the only one I don’t like is the stupid megalotops

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Flocks. If I don’t have a group move creature, it’s bad. We need more Group Moves creatures in that rarity.

I have my level 12 dip to counter them lol

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Megalotops is actually pretty easy to counter basically anything with resilient moves and shield could easily take it out, i used to hate megalotops but now i rarely see it

Yeah its easy to counter it now

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