What kind of garbage is this!

Ever since this update dropped I’ve barely been able to win any matches. I used to be in arena 10 now I’m in arena 9 on a constant losing streak because of rats like these.
Edit: What I really want to make sure people understand is to see how unbalanced this rat is with all the boosters attached to it. Keep in mind that in this update we are supposed to be facing Dino’s that are in the range of our team, but this player had a trykosaurus with over 140 speed and nearly 2k attack I should’ve screenshoted it as well, same with their Thor!


well it is harder now with the stat boosts for sure but as far as I can tell you have 3 dinos under lvl21 in your deck so no wonder it is getting even harder.

Those are the only ones though

The rest are above lvl 22 I just ran out of coin when leveling up a few legendaries is also saving up coins for the uniques that I’m really close to adding.

However I probably should level them up as they still are part of my team, it’s just they hardly ever serve much purpose to my team and usually never even show up as well.

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I was surprised that Dracoceratops did not get any nerf and now I know why. People would boost it like crazy and ludia can make loads of money from it. In 1.8, they will nerf it, maybe create a unique or something. I have to say, they know how to make money quick but bad at coding and testing.



This is routine in 5500 trophies now. Any Dino with high boosts are OP



Another problem is Regeneration skill, the rats swap in attack was originally balanced around the fact that it was then locked in for 2 turns, and thus you could try and kill it, now it cleanses the lock-in, it swaps out and then swapped back in again doing massive damage!

And the boosts make it WAY worse, because they boost its damage so much that not half kills anything AND the health is boosted so high that is difficult to one shot it, which is the only way you are going to stop it!

Boosts have taken away so much thought about strategy or fighting properly, that ive encounter boosted rats that swap in RIGHT AWAY, without their opening Dino doing anything, regenerating to cleanse to lock (that is supposed to balance this) swapping out, and then swapping right back in again to finish your dinosaur!
Thats not fighting, thats cheap shooting the opponent over and over again, and you cant even counter it because it breaks shields and bypasses armour…AND you cant even cloak or evasive knowing its coming back in because swap-in takes place before priority moves.

Literally the ONLY way to stop them doing it, is one shooting it with Thor or Tryko or something, and NOT having any Dino health reach a point where its HP is less then the SIA damage, which is virtually impossible when you are trying to fight!

My suggestions as a fix:

  1. Reduce the damage from 2x to 1x
  2. Lower it to be normal Rampage, the non shield break non armour piercing version
  3. Stop regeneration from removing the lock
  4. Allow cloak and evasive to happen before SIA

Those are my suggestions, I don’t mean ALL of those changes coz that would make rat useless, but 1 or 2 of them would do the trick.


Thors are much worse

Welcome, to Jurassic World Alive.

Put an edmontoguana in your team. Alankylo would help you a lot with rampage of the rat.