What kind of legendary/unique creatures do you hate the most

I don’t know with what i start it but definitely monomimus or alloraptor and even nodopato and gigaskipa

Legendary: Indoraptor gen2, but not when I am it

Unique: idk

Monolometrodon, Thoradolosaur and Dracoceratops.

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Same i hate monolometrodon too

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I don’t hate monolometro at all except the nullifying part

I hate monolometrodon as it gives me a lot of ptsd every time i see it.


ptsd momento

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Legendary:Coelhaast and Sinokotaraptor

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Just about every flock taco compy Rodrigues dodo sindakota

Legendary: thylaconyx cause this little turd can kill my ankylodic that is nine levels over and has 6 more boosts than it. excuse me why

Unique: Thor, sr3, and parathops. These should be self explanatory

Legendary Max boosted Monolometrodons

Uniques max thordos or max Parsauthops

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Paratops switch on my leagues can be annoying even tho I’m running it now

I hate the kind that get nerfed. Then get a buff so slight, it’s almost offensive. Then get nerfed again.
Then get power crept by EVERYTHING.
Then become absolutely useless.
I don’t hate her, I love her.
I just hate what Ludia did to her.
Is that applicable here?
Idrc… It needed to be said :broken_heart:

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That is ardentismaxima and you guys remember phorurex

Flocks, enough said

Not even close lol

Fr people always max boost it, it has too many resistances, and it has nullify and armor pierce

Phor needed that tho

How would that even work ._.

It was not super op and now I benched it for indotaurus like 2 weeks ago and prob paratops when it is just toooooooo op