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What Kind of Matchmaking is This?

Why did I at 38XX trophy’s get matched with someone with 51XX trophy’s?

Youre.matched based on current score, that’s a top score

This is precisely what I’ve been saying, and Ludia do nothing about it.

Until dropping is recognised by the powers that be as a problem that needs solving its going to plague every arena except the Shores.

Just fought this guy,
Screenshot_20210613-161453 His team

My team

This makes it even-Steven’s as I got slaughtered by a riser and had an easy battle with a dropper.

Until they recognise the current trophies system is a shambles & move it to an e.l.o. Type system, you are unfortunately going to get this, right now the system is a boon for droppers because it’s based on current rather than highest score.

This guy really wanted trykosaurus I see

Well, he just bought it from the store. Was an offer from last week.
Definitely nothing I would buy. But to each his own.

That’s why I think matchmaking should be based on the highest trophies. People would still be able to drop to get specific incubators they are after but would be matched with players of a similar level. It would make it harder to climb back. The trophies you win or lose should still be based on current trophies like it is now as it’s been working much better.

Bough the Tryko pack,you can’t do anything about people who spend 100 dollars on an in-game friend.

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